SmartLab is one of the Research Laboratories at the DIBRIS Departments of the University of Genova. At the SmartLab we focus on methods and algorithms for advanced information processing and their implementation on electronic systems. SmartLab know-how includes state-of-the-art methods for the analysis and processing of information and the induction of models from experimental data, based on statistical and artificial intelligence techniques. The main research activities aims at combining Computational Intelligence (e.g. neural networks, machine learning methods, etc.) with Electronics and Computer Science to solve real-world industrial and scientific problems, which cannot be effectively solved by conventional methodologies and systems. Innovative techniques for information processing are implemented on a large spectrum of computing facilities and devices. Hardware implementations span the entire range of electronic devices from custom electronics to programmable logic devices (PLDs, FPGAs). Software implementations range from Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) to conventional Personal Computers (PCs), up to Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems (Clusters, GRID computing). Applications areas include, but are not limited to industrial/scientific data mining and information classification, nonlinear systems identification and control, smart/adaptive information processing, real-time intelligent data processing, bioinformatics and intelligent sensor networks.