SMART Cookies

We have been working since June 2016 to build and program ALICE, our Amazing Artisan, Logic Based, Innovative, CNC, Embellishing robot. We have learned how CNC machines work, how to extrude, programming motors, sensors, blue tooth and files. We had tons of fun working together.

Click on the VIDEOS page to view the latest videos. We uploaded our videos for the World Championship.

Click HERE to see the latest on the Cookie Design Contest.

Let our team introduce you to what ALICE is and how we built her.

Nik, Master Builder

Designed, built and programmed the lift table (Z-Axis) including gearing.

Maria, Sr Programmer

Built and programmed the Human Machine Interface (HMI) including voice. Programmed many of the patterns.

Daniel, VP Logistics

Designed, build and programmed CAL, the Cookie Autonomous Logistics robot.

Nicolae, Chief Designer

Performed the CAD work in Solid Works, 3D printing, lead the build and programming of ALICE. Programmed the trig based functions.

Matthew, Director of Applied Mathematics

Calculated all of the extruder math. Programmed much of the bluetooth and file functions for ALICE.

Shriya, Assistant Director of Applied Mathematics

Joined the team when Matthew couldn't attend at the 2017 World Championship. She will be presenting the extruder math and talk about statistics.

Here are two videos showing some fun we had with ALICE.