At SMART Labs our philosophy is to innovate, create and learn while having fun. We are passionate about Robotics and very grateful for the opportunities that Robofest offers us. Our team acronym S.M.A.R.T. stands for:

  • Science - Science gives us the fundamental understanding of the laws physics , chemistry and materials behind the way things work.

  • Math - Mathematics offers us the tools to help with our understanding.

  • Art - Art helps us be creative and helps make learning fun and applicable.

  • Robotics - Robotics helps blend everything that we learned into a practical usable item. We apply what we learn and love into robotics.

  • Technology - Technology offers us a way to enable our dreams. Ways to program, connect and communicate come from technology.

We learn through the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and rapid design cycles. We plan our work, build a demonstration unit, debug this and identify improvements.

9/12/20 Robofest RoboMed compeition. Congratulations on a great job with your project!

8/10/20 Robofest GolfBowl Qualification - Results are in. Congratulations on winning the qualification rounds. Hard work and practice pays off. Keep practicing for the world championships in October.

9/13/19 IBM Detroit grand opening. SMART labs was thrilled to present the basics about Robofest and Binary Blocks at the IBM Detroit office grand opening. Please review our presentation and our tribute to 9/11 with our special twin towers routine.

5/18/19 The girls finished 4th at the World Championship in Binary Blocks. Stacked perfectly both runs!

4/13/19 Qualified for the World Championship in Binary Blocks! Great job team!

5/19/18 Finished 5th place at the world championship but more importantly took a people's choice award. Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

4/22/18 US Virtual Regional video has been uploaded! We have updated our video with questions and answers, credits and a rolling slide show of working on the project.

4/10/18 We qualified for the US Virtual Regional!

4/15/18 Ready, Set, Grow! posted our qualification video. Please check it out and view our page.

4/14/15 - Bobnix team finishes second at the Sr. Game qualifier. Really tough competition. Good job!

Note: Lost to the the team that ended up winning it all at the world championships!

12/11/2017 Nicolae demonstrates how to connect two EV3 bricks together. This is a great way to add 4 more sensor ports and 4 more motor ports to your project for each EV3 brick that you add.

6/3/17 SMART Cookies had a great Robofest competition. Thank You St. Pete's Beach! We came home with a People's Choice award and 3rd place in Jr. Exhibition. Congratulations to the Tech Sisters for 1st place and to team STEAM for 2nd place.

6/1/17 Please checkout our latest videos of our robot that we're taking to the Robofest World Championship.

Frosting Survey

Please complete our cookie froster evaluation form.

Please also fill out our flavor and color evaluation.

Cookie Design Contest

5/20/17 - Smart Cookies announce a cookie design contest! The team will incorporate the top eight designs into the world championship display. We will also provide 3D printed fidget spinners to the first 15 contestants to enter a good design! Follow the link for details.

Quite a few people already submitted their design. There are more lucky winners that will get their fidget spinners! Can YOU be one of these lucky winners? Time is limited!

Thanks to all participants!

Congratulations to all winners!

5/20/17 - Good news! Both the Smart Cookies and Simplicity have qualified for the world championship.

5/13/17 - Simplicity finished 11th in RoboHit and are wait listed for World Championship. Congratulations!

5/13/17 - SMART Cookies won the People's Choice First place! Congratulations! There was a line of people at the display until the end of the competition for people to see ALICE! Cool Kids Robotics wrote a nice article about the event. Click the link for more info.

The SMART Cookies also finished 4th in Michigan against some tough competition. We're wait listed for the World Championship.

Congratulations to the winning teams:

1st Place - 1832-2: Equalizer - For their pothole filling robot: Link to their presentation HERE.

2nd Place - 2213-1: TechSisters - For their search and rescue system. Very nice display and presentation - See that HERE

3rd Place - 2202-1: Team STEAM - For their Hazmat Cleaning Robot - See that HERE

4th Place - 2705-1: SMART Cookies - Here's our presentation:

5/7/17 - Come see us at the Michigan Championship at LTU on Saturday, May 13, 2017! We have cookies to decorate!

Look at our COOKIES page for more details about our robot, ALICE.