Smart Solutions Packaging Supplies

At this location our number one goal is to pack and ship your boxes so that they can arrive in the same condition they were packed to any destination in the world. There are some guidelines we use and tips on how we safely package your items in boxes and envelopes and also ways to save on packaging supplies and shipping material purchases.

Here are the steps we use to ensure that your special package will arrive on time and in one piece to the location we ship it.

1) Special Cushioning

We use lots of different packaging supplies and cushioning material to protect the sides, top and bottom of any item shipped so as to fill in any spaces and void areas. Depending on the item being shipped we look at the suitable thickness and appropriate density of the product and will fill the area with one or more of these packaging supplies:

  • Air-cellular cushioning
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Crumpled newspaper
  • Packing peanuts (20 cubic feet or more)

2) Ideal Shipping Boxes

If you are shipping non-fragile products we can place them inside a sturdy box with a strong outer covering.

  • Shoes and gifts will be placed in a corrugated box.
  • Small items will be first placed in a sealed container that is strong such as burlap. This is important for products that may spill during movement. We will then place that package into a stronger container with sturdy sealing.
  • Individual items that are fragile will be packed with cushioning material on the sides, corners, as well as the top and bottom. Sometimes we use foam and cushioning air cellular materials to protect the article being shipped. 2” thickness is the standard thickness that should be used. Then we fit the item into a container that is made for purposed of accommodating large, small or snug items.

3) Perfect Sealing a sturdy

We think it’s important to have your package sealed in such a way so as it will not open up and spill. One of the best methods is to apply three to four strips of tape used for packaging around the sides of containers using the H taping method. This method is an easy way to quickly seal a cardboard box using a handheld tape dispenser so as to reduce wasting the tape. The flaps of the box are all sealed and in the end the top of the box will form the letter “H” on the box when you look at it from the top. This method is also used to make sure there has not been any tampering with the box. Water-activated and pressure-sensitive tape made from plastic is used during harsh weather conditions where the boxes may become exposed to water and humidity.

4) Accurate Labeling

The address of the recipient is placed in a part of the container which is away from the seams and folds so that it will be visible and clearly detectable.

  • We recommend putting delivery information on the inside and outer part of the container or package.
  • The return address, which is the shippers address, should also always appear on any shipment in case the package is lost or misplaced.
  • Old address labels should be removed or marked off with a permanent marker.
  • Some locations require the telephone and/or email address of the receiver and sender to be placed on the box.
  • Mark clearly the preferred orientation of the box by arrows.