Our Message to the Small Business Community

As small business owners and advocates ourselves, we join you and share in the immediate emotional and financial shifts that have been required to rise to this occasion of a new normal within our businesses, personal and professional lives. Please know we empathize and are here as a small-yet passionate- team to continue reaching out to engage our professional and business networks. We advocate and add value to thought leadership within our sphere of influence and connection of leaders and decision makers who are on the front lines helping to solve problems during these uncertain times. We are also bridge builders and partners. We want to connect you-all of us-to important resources and other people who can help us lean in and overcome what is likely the deepest challenge that many of us have faced in our lifetime. We hope you find resources on this site helpful. Please upload your business story to share among the business community and keep us informed of how we can support you. Our deepest desire is to see all of us press forward and come out better and stronger on the other side of this crisis. "We rise by lifting others." Robert G. Ingersoll

The Small Business Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party

Consider the following resources to protect yourself and your business against this novel virus.


Cancellations force The Morehead Inn to close in the wake of coronavirus concerns

Billy Maddalon, owner, of The Morehead Inn, talks about the effects that reservation cancellations due to coronavirus concerns is having on his business and staff. He also talks about the outlook of surviving the shutdown. BY DAVID T. FOSTER III https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/article241283666.html