Pendant Drop Tensiometer (OpenDrop)

Our custom pendant drop tensiometer system is used for measuring surface and interfacial tension from ~2 mN/m updwards, on timescales from a few seconds to several hours. It utilises OpenDrop software, which analyses and fits drop profiles to acquire surface and interfacial tension.

Bubble Pressure Tensiometer

The Krüss BP100 measures interfacial tension as a function of surface age from <5 milliseconds to 200 seconds. This instrument is ideally used to measure short time scale behaviour of surfactants at the air–water interface for determination of adsorption coefficients, diffusion coefficients and time taken to reach a specific interfacial tension. Equilibrium interfacial tension can sometimes be measured, however, pendant drop tensiometry is often more suitable. Sample data output is shown below:

Contact Angle Tensiometer

Our custom contact angle tensiometer setup is operated by ConAn software. ConAn analyses and fits drop profiles on material surfaces for accurate contact angle measurements. This technique is ideal for material surface characterisation and solid-liquid-gas phase interaction studies.