Anton Paar MCR 302 RheometER

Anton Paar MCR 302 Rheometer

The Anton Paar MCR 302 rheometer is an instrument that can be used to measure the flow or deformation properties of your sample. A variety of measuring systems are available allowing you to choose the most appropriate geometry for your sample based on, for example, viscosity, available sample volume, sedimentation, evaporation or ease of cleaning. Precise temperature control (± 0.05 °C) is available via a water/glycol bath. In addition to this, a temperature-controlled hood and solvent trap are available for parallel-plate and cone-plate geometries to limit sample evaporation.

Some standard measurements include rotational tests to determine viscosity during shear flow, or oscillatory tests to probe viscoelastic properties (such as the storage modulus G’ and loss modulus G”) of the sample structure. Temperature is also measured and can be varied to carry out temperature curing tests. The Anton Paar RheoCompass software is used to control the rheometer and provides templates for all available measurements. Collected data can be exported from RheoCompass to various formats, including csv.

To find out more or to be trained to use this instrument, please contact: Joshua King