Happy Holidays to you from the Slocan Lake Arts Council

Pour yourself some eggnog, curl up in front of your hearth in your favorite cozy chair and join us as "The Mons Key Trio" preforms Carol of the Bells and In the Bleak Midwinter.

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A letter and invitation from the President of your Slocan Lake Arts Council:

Dear Members, Friends and Supporters of the Arts,

On Sunday, November 29th the Slocan Lake Arts Council will be holding our annual AGM at 2pm, and we invite you to join us - either virtually, or in person - for this important gathering. Please RSVP to and submit your 2020 membership to be in good standing to vote.

Each AGM is an opportunity for the society to communicate to our members what has been going on the past year, and to make way for movement and progressions on the Board via the election of new Board Members. This year, there are two Vacancies opening up, as two of our longest standing members have decided to step away from the Board:

Nonie Jackson has served as a member of the Board for the past 9 years - she has generously volunteered for countless events, has cared for the well-being and upkeep of the Silverton Gallery - notably her improvements of the acoustic sound wall - and has been the administrator and facilitator for various events, including our popular summer Tie and Dye workshops.

Penelope Stuart, who for the past 17 years has held every position on the Board, and has spearheaded or assisted in a multitude of successful events, will also be stepping down. Despite the various challenges presented over the years, Penny has seen the SLAC through it all, and her cheerful, smiling face has regularly been seen at concerts, dances and workshops. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to have sewn a few stitches in the fabric of this organization under the guidance and assurance of Penelope, a woman whose 17 years of heartfelt dedication glimmers everywhere in our society’s historic fabric.

I think it’s important for you all to know that both these departures are happening on pleasant and amiable terms. With 28 years of combined dedication, these ladies have earned a well deserved break! They’ve both contributed so much, and I speak on behalf of both of them in saying that their departure comes with a desire that their vacancies will make space for fresh new brains on the Board.

A year ago, when I was nominated for the Board, I was that fresh new face, and since taking on the position of President in Spring of 2019, I have a deeper understanding of how important the Arts Council is to our community’s cultural health and future. As a professional musician, a teacher and a mother, I’m compelled to build a bright future for the Arts in our community - to create opportunities for everyone to be comforted, moved or inspired by the arts in some way, and often! After all, it is one of the most important and beautiful aspects of our humanity that we must maintain and nurture our connection with - now, more than ever! Whether you’re an artist, or a celebrator of art in its many forms, we all know what it is to be enamored by the grace of a dancer, the exquisite colours of a painting, or the perfection of harmonious is transportive, therapeutic, endorphin releasing, happy-making, essential. We could all use more of it in our lives, right?!

But the Arts are not self-sufficient in their existence - after all, what is a concert without an audience? How does that concert come to be? There is SO much going on behind the scenes to create those succulent moments in time - and so many people joining together to make it happen. My vision for the Slocan Lake Arts Council is to better support and present all forms of artistic expression for our community to enjoy, and to increase the ways in which we act as an ambassador on behalf of all community arts based initiatives. We have incredible assets to bring to the community - the infrastructure of our incredible, historic building and the network of artists in our local community and beyond. Despite current Covid circumstances, I believe the future looks bright for our community, but creating this reality hinges on one factor: people power. A meager Board of 3 simply cannot build this reality on our own and it is essential that we grow our team - to diversify and expand our talents and vision, and to prevent fatigue and burnout of that precious volunteer energy.

I am hopeful there are others who are willing to make space in their lives to bring their experience, ideas or enthusiasm to the Arts Council table, and to have a hand in nurturing our community’s growth through artistic expression and experiences. It is a most fulfilling and rewarding purpose! If any of this vision resonates with you, or calls to mind a person that would be a great fit for our team, I hope you’ll consider contacting me and talking about how your talents can be celebrated and utilized to nurture the arts in our amazing little community! I can be reached at

I look forward to sharing our accomplishments and progress with you at the upcoming AGM, to briefly celebrate the legacy of those who have dedicated themselves to this Council, and to the opportunity this meeting presents to bring new capacity to the Arts Council Board.

I hope to see you on November 29th!




A writing workshop focused on people writing about community will be held Nov. 28 and 29 at the Slocan Lake Arts Centre (formerly the Silverton Gallery) at 421 Lake Ave. (Highway 6 and 4th St.), Silverton, B.C.

The workshop, entitled “What is Happening Here? Writing About Community” and sponsored by the Slocan Lake Arts Council, will run from 9 a.m. to noon both days. Due to pandemic health guidelines, workshop attendance will be limited to six people, and social distancing will be observed.

“We’ll be looking at how best to capture in words the people around us, whether in the form of fiction, memoir, family history, or poems,” said workshop convenor Tom Wayman, a Winlaw writer.

Pre-registration is required. The fee is $60, which can be sent via etransfer to, with the password “Writing”. SLAC will also accept a Kootenay Savings Credit Union direct transfer to SLAC’s Community Chequing account number 22996. Or a cheque can be mailed directly to SLAC at PO Box 123. Silverton, BC V0G 2B0.

Half the workshop time will be spent considering participants’ own writing, Wayman said. Registrants are asked to send five to ten pages of material they’d like considered by the workshop to him at by Friday, Nov. 20.

“This allows participants’ writing to be circulated to workshop members to read and think about before the workshop begins,” Wayman said. “Submitted writing could be works-in-progress you’d like feedback on, or something you’re pretty sure is finished but want to hear what others think.”

He said the other half of workshop time will involve writing exercises and consideration of work by other authors who have written about community. A workshop in Silverton on the same theme, also limited in enrollment due to pandemic restrictions, was offered by him on behalf of SLAC this August.

Wayman’s books about the Slocan Valley include Winter’s Skin (Oolichan Books, 2013), poems about the valley in winter, illustrated with photos by local photographers Jeremy Addington and Rod Currie. A collection of Wayman’s short fiction about the valley, The Shadows We Mistake For Love, was published by Douglas & McIntyre in 2015, His most recent volume was published in March by Harbour, Watching a Man Break a Dog’s Back: Poems for a Dark Time.


Martine denBok, president, Slocan Lake Arts Council,

Tom Wayman,; 250-226-7390



If you need assistance, please email us at:


During these unprecedented times of isolation in our homes, the Slocan Lake Arts Council offers a challenge/opportunity to everyone to discover and delve into their artistic nature - to find their muse - and to share their corona-inspired creations on the Arts Council website. This creative opportunity to express yourself is open to all ages.

In 1887, Mark Twain said: “Most of us contain Music and Truth, but most of us can’t get it out”. Here’s a chance to change that. Dust off that ukulele that’s been languishing in the closet and work up a new tune. Or pick up that paintbrush and paper and give us your impressions of this glorious spring weather. Got something to say? Here’s a platform. And lip sync folks - take note.

Let your imagination soar. The purpose here is to stimulate creative activity, produce and polish a piece of work, and to have fun - plus entertain one another during this time of social isolation. We are not expecting the Bard or Picasso to emerge but who knows - the point is to rise to the challenge, get on it and have fun in the process. Course that’s after you perfected the sourdough bread and sorted the family photo albums...Not.

Any genre that can be digitally recorded and uploaded is acceptable - jewellery designs, photography or fabric art, drawings and paintings or an image of a sculpture. A piece of music played, a song sung, a dance routine, a juggling act or a comedy sketch, a timely poem, a spoken word piece or a short story or a video. Send as many submissions as you like and include a short note describing your creative process.

If you are a singer, looking for an accompanist, say so. If you are an artist in need of titanium white to complete your project - or wood carver in search of a piece of aged cherry wood, say so. We may be able to help.

This is a challenge/opportunity to rekindle or renew old interests and inspire new ones; plus create new socially-distant connections within the Slocan Lake Community. Our online gallery will be a feast of artistic vibrancy to celebrate, uplift and connect!

Email a photograph of your work or upload your video to Youtube and send us the link. If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please contact us at

Please visit the SLAC website to see our community submissions!