May 29, 7:30 pm

Pie in the Sky

tiny (Virtual) Concert series

Join Host Freya (Martine denBok and Noel Fudge) in celebrating some of our local musicians as we come together for a live online show. In this four part series, we will be highlighting one performer/band per month.

Second on the docket, the 4 piece band Hidden in Hills, from...Hills! Tune in to hear three original songs and to catch a glimpse of life in serene Hills BC.

What's the pie thing all about, you ask?

Well, Pie is delicious and eating pie together is even better! We encourage you to bake a pie (and eat it!) for the evening of the concert. I like strawberry rhubarb - what will you make? Share your recipes at:

Git your pie eatin', music lovin' family together and enjoy the show on May 29 @ 7:30.

Go to our PIE IN THE SKY page for more details



If you need assistance, please email us at:


During these unprecedented times of isolation in our homes, the Slocan Lake Arts Council offers a challenge/opportunity to everyone to discover and delve into their artistic nature - to find their muse - and to share their corona-inspired creations on the Arts Council website. This creative opportunity to express yourself is open to all ages.

In 1887, Mark Twain said: “Most of us contain Music and Truth, but most of us can’t get it out”. Here’s a chance to change that. Dust off that ukulele that’s been languishing in the closet and work up a new tune. Or pick up that paintbrush and paper and give us your impressions of this glorious spring weather. Got something to say? Here’s a platform. And lip sync folks - take note.

Let your imagination soar. The purpose here is to stimulate creative activity, produce and polish a piece of work, and to have fun - plus entertain one another during this time of social isolation. We are not expecting the Bard or Picasso to emerge but who knows - the point is to rise to the challenge, get on it and have fun in the process. Course that’s after you perfected the sourdough bread and sorted the family photo albums...Not.

Any genre that can be digitally recorded and uploaded is acceptable - jewellery designs, photography or fabric art, drawings and paintings or an image of a sculpture. A piece of music played, a song sung, a dance routine, a juggling act or a comedy sketch, a timely poem, a spoken word piece or a short story or a video. Send as many submissions as you like and include a short note describing your creative process.

If you are a singer, looking for an accompanist, say so. If you are an artist in need of titanium white to complete your project - or wood carver in search of a piece of aged cherry wood, say so. We may be able to help.

This is a challenge/opportunity to rekindle or renew old interests and inspire new ones; plus create new socially-distant connections within the Slocan Lake Community. Our online gallery will be a feast of artistic vibrancy to celebrate, uplift and connect!

Email a photograph of your work or upload your video to Youtube and send us the link. If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please contact us at

Please visit the SLAC website to see our community submissions!