Due Tuesday Sept. 17: film and edit a segment about a school event, game, class project, or anything that happens at school (no fights or things that reflect badly on the school). You can work in teams of 1-3.

Things you need to know:

Sept. 6th: Start your website. Continued Sept. 9th and 10th.

Sign up with and start creating your website. Turn in your web address (URL) here.

To find your web address, you have to View Site and then copy what's up in the address bar.


We will be forming broadcasting teams. You can be on one or many teams, it's up to you. The teams are not permanent but we will stick with these teams for the next few shows.

Here are the teams

Studio Team - this team learns how to shoot a show or a show segment in the studio.

Luke, Imelda, Sathya, Tahi, D'Angelo, Tyson, Sidney, Tovale, Mikayla, Taniya, Justin

Graphics Team - this team creates graphics for announcements and other aspects of the show.

Natalie, Melissa, Alonso, Taniya

Sports Team - this team creates a 30-60 second video about the school sports that happened during the week.


Lunch/Activities/Events Team -this team creates a 30-60 second video about lunchtime activities and other school events that happen during the day.

Dread Pirates Team - this team creates a 1-2 minute Dread Pirate segment that has a schoolwide message and awards Golden Treasures.

Alonso, Natalie, D'Angelo, Taniya

Show Editing Team - this team takes all the parts and puts them together into a show.


Phenomenal Pirates Team - this team creates a 30 second video about a student or group of students that do something phenomenal.


Other? If you have a 30-60 second video that you would like to create and put it in the announcements, let me know and we can do it. Some ideas: fashion advice, movie review, music reviews, game reviews, political commentary.


Current Announcements Here

The broadcasting course is where students learn how to create broadcasts from the ground up. This is a hands-on production class where students create the school's announcement show as well as work the live sports broadcasts.


Grades will be determined by the following course requirements:

Show segments - students create one show segment per week in teams of 2 or 3.

Some examples: a game highlight, a movie review, an activity slideshow or video, an advertisement for a school event or function, a music review, a game review, or any segment agreed upon by the class.

Show Production - the segments of the show will be assembled into a show. Students will be members of groups of 10 students to produce a show every week, meaning there will be three shows a week.

Live Streaming - each broadcasting student is required to work one live broadcast per month. We will broadcast one game or activity per week so you will have four opportunities per month.

Internship 101

This is a new course this year. Students can get 5 units of credit per semester for working the weekly sports and theater broadcasts or for creating a show or podcast after school. Intership 101 students are also eligible to take 6th period off. Talk to Mr. Farley if you are interested.

Possible Internship 101 projects:

  • Join the sports broadcasting team to stream SLHS sporting events.
  • Yes We Can! Podcast. This is a podcast on gender equity and equality with students from Encinal High School and SLAM.
  • eSports game competition and broadcasting. We are building eSports teams and Twitch game broadcasting teams.
  • SLTalk be on the cast and crew of SLTalk, a talk show about all things San Leandro.

fill out this form if you are interested.