Class Schedule for 10/14-10/18

Monday - Work on show segments.

Tuesday - Work on show segments. 10/15 Show segment due.

If you are not working on a segment, up to 6 students need to go to the studio for Camera Level 1 training.

Thursday - Shoot the show.

Friday - Work on show segments.

Each show segment should be 20-30 seconds long with a voiceover, music, 4-6 images, video clips, or both.

Weekly assignment due every Tuesday: Create a segment for the broadcast and a graphic for the monitors for your segment. You can work in groups of 1-2 and more with permission only.

Things you need to know:

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The broadcasting course is where students learn how to create broadcasts from the ground up. This is a hands-on production class where students create the school's announcement show as well as work the live sports broadcasts.


Grades will be determined by the following course requirements:

Show segments - students create one show segment per week in teams of 2 or 3.

Some examples: a game highlight, a movie review, an activity slideshow or video, an advertisement for a school event or function, a music review, a game review, or any segment agreed upon by the class.

Show Production - the segments of the show will be assembled into a show. Students will be members of groups of 10 students to produce a show every week, meaning there will be three shows a week.

Internship 101

This is a new course this year. Students can get 5 units of credit per semester for working the weekly sports and theater broadcasts or for creating a show or podcast after school. Intership 101 students are also eligible to take 6th period off. Talk to Mr. Farley if you are interested.

Possible Internship 101 projects:

  • Join the sports broadcasting team to stream SLHS sporting events.
  • Yes We Can! Podcast. This is a podcast on gender equity and equality with students from Encinal High School and SLAM.
  • eSports game competition and broadcasting. We are building eSports teams and Twitch game broadcasting teams.
  • SLTalk be on the cast and crew of SLTalk, a talk show about all things San Leandro.

fill out this form if you are interested.