1. Respectful behavior - should go towards ALL players, not just guildies. This includes all types of chat including World. Bullying behavior will not be tolerated.

2. No derogatory language, discriminatory statements, or slurs. Vulgarity isn't really necessary in any context. (Sporadic cursing is one thing, hateful language is another.)

3. Please help each other out when you can! You are not forced to group up all the time, but if a guildmate is available for something, invite them so we can all progress. Also be willing to party up with all other guildmates and give advice if you can. If you will only party or progress with a select group of people, you might be best in your own guild.

4. Donate to the Guild when you can - and within your own budget! If you are unable to afford donations, please consider donating your time to other guildmates. Contribution for main characters should always be going up. Also remember contribution helps progress your character's rune tree and prayers! If you are continuously not contributing you may be removed. We also please ask to donate to facilities at least once a week.

5. Due to the nature of AFK farming, don't be offended if no one answers your questions or requests for help. Simply try back at another time if you still need assistance. I highly suggest asking in our guild Discord or pinging the right roles to get an answer more efficiently.

6. It's important to always be self-sufficient. This means we can only help out so much within reasonable hours. Our leadership tries to help out with carry runs and also inviting everyone to content. But spread your wings, be friendly and don't be afraid to group up with others in-game. If for some reason we are unavailable, it is up to you to get your own ET / Rift / etc Groups complete.

7. Must be active on a somewhat weekly basis. Completely Inactive players may be removed at anytime. Activity refers to character contribution / logging in and participating in War nights / social on either Discord or in-game. If none of these things are happening, you may be removed. We look to build and foster an all inclusive gaming community, if you are inactive with no notice then I may free the spot for more active players. If you've been removed for inactivity reasons, this does not mean you can't come back! Please feel free to get back in touch with me if you pick up the game again.