Always In search of :

  • Like-minded ambitious players with personal game goals who want to also complete group content.

  • Active at least a few nights a week to complete weekly content and progressing your character.

  • Can attend WOC frequently.

  • Friendly and Patient, willing to cooperate with other Guild Members.

Classes we are Recruiting:

  • High Priority : Saint, Divine Avengers, strong DPS

  • * Interested in ALL Jobs! * Looking to grow our guild family. Any active fourth jobs should apply!

  • Not Fourth Job? Preferably looking for those 120+, must be actively leveling and progressing. But please free free to inquire :)

Interested? MSG Me or Apply Now!

Message Nesi through Discord: Nessie#1056 or join

Don't have Discord? Message me ingame on Global: Nesi