Always In search of :

  • Like-minded ambitious players with personal game goals who want to also complete group content.
  • Active at least a few nights a week to complete weekly content and progressing your character.
  • Friendly and Patient, willing to cooperate with other Guild Members and adjust as needed.
  • You also run circles around players as a form of 'Hello'.
  • 75+ with 25k+ Contribution. (if you are a newer player, feel free to also inquire!)

Classes we are Recruiting:

  • High : Creators, Paladins, High Priests
  • Medium: Assassin Cross, Sniper, Whitesmith (not farmer only), Stalker, High Wizard
  • Low/Denied : Lord Knight, Champion

Would Love to See:

  • Those interested in leading & coordinating MVP hunts.
  • Those interested in leading PVP events and recruiting for PVP
  • Willing to teach and answer questions as they pop up.


Message Nessie or Deathkin through Discord: Nessie#1056 or Deathkin#1787