Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner

Sleep8 CPAP cleaner and Sanitizer Device

Sleep8 CPAP cleaner is portable, virtually silent CPAP sanitizing device that kills more than 99% of germs and bacteria that could lead to mold and infections. With its compact design, it is perfect to take with you on the go. In just one click, it keeps bacteria out for a much better night's sleep and better health!

Sleep 8 CPAP cleaner screen is simple but efficiently communicates the cleaning battery life, cycle countdown, and signals you if the filter bag is not appropriately connected. In fact, Sleep8 CPAP cleaner machine will turn-off when the sensing unit detects that the bag is not connected appropriately. This is a major advantage over the some the other CPAP cleaner products in the market.

How does Sleep 8 CPAP cleaner Works?

There is no setup required and running Sleep8 CPAP sanitizing tool is a very easy process.

  • First, Just plug in your hose to the universal port inside the Sleep8 bag. The hose pipe port works with heated pipes, basic PAP tubing, and electric diagnosis pipes.
  • Next, insert all of your to be cleaned CPAP devices into the filter bag. Plug in the Sleep8 CPAP cleaning and sanitizing device to the port located on the outside of the filtered bag. Be sure the filter bag is closed and press Start. A cleansing cycle will take roughly one hour.
  • After an hour the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner will immediately shut off , leaving you with fresh, sanitized CPAP device for immediate use. By using ozone or activated-oxygen to sterilize your CPAP without the use of extreme chemicals and your CPAP humidifier ,tubes and masks all at once.

Sleep8 CPAP sanitizing machine Features

  • Eliminates 99% of Bacteria - Sleep 8 CPAP sanitizing machine eliminates more than 99% of bacteria that might lead to mold, sinus issues, and sickness. It gives off ozone gas throughout television, mask, and water chamber to kill germs.
  • Small and Portable - With a rechargeable battery, Sleep8 CPAP cleaning and sanitizing machine is little enough to take on in the bag.
  • Fast sterilization process - Sleep8 CPAP cleaning tool will have your CPAP entirely sanitized utilizing our waterless activated-Oxygen System in minutes.
  • Sterilize with just One Click - Simply press start and Sleep8 CPAP sanitizing device will do the rest. When your CPAP and devices are completely sterilized, it automatically switches off.
  • Totally Compatible - Sanitizes all CPAP devices, masks, water chambers and tubes - regardless of brand. No adapters needed!

What's inside the box?

  • Sleep 8 CPAP cleaner and sanitizing device
  • Sleep8 Sanitizing Filter Bag - This item is a replacement sanitizing filter bag for the Sleep 8 CPAP sanitizer tool.This bag need to be replaced every 3 months if the patient is using their Sleep8 daily. One end of the CPAP tubing is linked to the valve inside the sterilizing bag, and the tubing, mask, and humidifier chamber (if any) go right inside also.
  • Micro USB Battery Charger - Sleep8 micro USB battery charger charges the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer tool to offer a cord-free method to naturally clean your CPAP machine in under an hour. Keep your Sleep 8 CPAP sanitizer device going by just utilizing this safe and authorized battery charger.

Sleep8 CPAP sanitizing machine is designed for easy to use with an extremely peaceful motor that won't interrupt your partner and is battery operated. Its compact style makes it easy to take a trip with, so you don't have to opt for a stinky mask on getaway. Take the action towards simple, cleaner sleep with your new Sleep 8 CPAP cleaning and sanitizing device tonight!

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