Sleep Apnea Treatments

Do you feel to cough involuntarily while sleeping? Do you find that your breath has stopped or there is something heavy on your chest? These are the few conditions where a person is suffering from sleep apnea.

Do you ever have a thought what sleep apnea would be? How common it would be? Is it dangerous or there is no major concerns about it?

Most of the people have no idea of the suffering they are having. Are they having sleep apnea or not?

Today’s post is related to the awareness to the people about sleep apnea, its indications, causes, effects and treatment.

Let’s start with it!

Population indulged

No one has the idea that sleep apnea can be dangerous and if there are 5 adults out of them the 1 would be suffering with sleep apnea, and if the strength is 15 the 1 person is severely suffering. There are massive treatments of sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea and its nature:

Sleep apnea is a complex problem people are unable to figure out that who is suffering and who is not. It is a disorder when the breath of a person stops and starts automatically while sleeping. This may cause most of the death while sleeping.

The three types of sleep apnea have been identified by the doctors.

Central Sleep apnea

Sometimes it happens when your body is not receiving the extent amount of oxygen. Especially when the brain cells are not receiving full oxygen is known as central sleep apnea.

Obstructive sleep apnea

This type of sleep apnea is most common. It occurs when breathing airway gets block due to throat muscles.

Complex Sleep apnea

It is the combination of both central and obstructive sleep apnea.

Who is sufferer of sleep apnea?

Most of the people have no idea that they are suffering from sleep apnea. Why they don’t know?

If someone is sleeping and waking up every half an hour and slept soon and quickly. A person never feels that it is something to be cured. Tensions are part of life a person thinks may be he or she was thinking something that is why such a situation has happened at night. When they get up from sleep they might not remember that how many times they woke up at night. That is why people have no idea about the suffering of sleep apnea.

The recognition of sleep apnea:

This suffering named sleep apnea happens when you are sleeping and that is why it remains unidentified by many. But if you have some wired health issues like:

  • Snoring
  • Cough during the sleep
  • If you get wake up suddenly feels out of breath
  • Heavy head even after complete 8 hour of sleep
  • If you feel dizzy all day
  • Mood swings
  • Waking up with the dry mouth or there is pain in the throat

If you are unable to figure out any of the symptom, try sleep with someone and tell him or her to notice you throughout

How to treat sleep apnea

There is no hard core medicine for sleep apnea but there are very few but authentic treatment like breathing machines, you can put balm inside the nose so that the nose passage remains open for breathing, oral appliances, breathing exercise and much more. You can discuss several option with your Eugene Dentist.

Removal of sleep apnea without treatment

You can remove this suffering from your life if you start taking healthy diet, if you start maintaining the exact weight prescribed by the doctors. A person can lose some weight that would be the best treatment to do. But if weight is not being lost even then one has to do exercise to get rid of this problem that can lead to deadly situations.