The United States Fourth Continental Congress is commissioned to

identify, deliberate, and reveal the perfect experiment model for the succeeding trial of

The first generation of the American Experiment has probably expired its trial parameters, and the over-run is probably repeating and compounding errors in the processing of social issues; subsequently, adversely effecting the approach to the Experiment's hypothetical and established expectations.

The political and social disorderliness that we endure is probably rooted in the simplicity of the model theory that was deployed in the composition of the government charters resulting in disordered missions and electoral systems, which were probably adversely enhanced by naive adjustments made to those experimental control variables. The House and Senate, President and Vice-president, and the appointments of the judiciary, are the experimental control variables that the founders devised based on ad hoc theories related to their subsisting governments and their ability to comprehend integrated hierarchical structures, which was very simple compared to our contemporary participation in a variety of organizational structures that are all, subsequently, flawed, as well.

Critical analysis of the Three-part Separation Theory reveals that it is obviously simple compared to our modern sophisticated understanding of things like programmable systems. The Three-part Separation Theory lacks a reliable formulation for the missions and subdivision of the three branches. The founders were very much aware of these inadequacies, because it is impossible to not notice the inadequacies when contemplating the design of a government based only on the very simple theory of three parts. But what were they to do? The substantiated formula needed to correctly define the inadequacies of the Three-part Separation Theory has seemingly still not been revealed to the political science field.

The Federalist 51 Project is the search project for a reliable formulation for the subdivision of the Three-part Separation Theory.

The ad hoc deployment of the Three-part Separation Theory only prevents any one person from ascending to a dictatorship. It does not regulate the quests to populate the three branches with ideologically aligned personnel.