The United States Fourth Continental Congress is commissioned to identify, deliberate, and validate the perfect government model for the succeeding trials of the American Experiment.

The "American Experiment" should not be regarded as a rhetorical device. There is an actual experiment in social engineering and we are the test subjects. The first generation of the American Experiment has expired its trial parameters, and the over-run of the experimental processes are compounding errors in the guidance of the American society. (further explanation)

The Three-part Separation Theory is the Problem

The Three-part Separation Theory (base government model) inaccurately assigns two processes of law and the guardianship of law as the three-way demarcation of a balanced government, and does not describe how to subdivide the three parts. These are major problems with the Theory, and subsequently, the American deployment of the erroneous Three-part Separation Theory only prevents any one person from ascending to a dictatorship. It does not prevent the other form of tyranny, political oligarchy; which always has a leader that always appears to be a dictator to the constituents of the subordinate political parties.

The partisan contest to populate the three branches with politically aligned personnel is obviously not diversified by any subsequent formula to the Three-part Separation Theory, which would be accomplished in the subdivision of the branches. The partisan chaos trickles down causing the social disorderliness that we endure, and then it is cycled back in the election campaigns. (further explanation)


§ 000.61: Honorary Invitations

United States Medal of Honor recipients, Nobel Laureates, and foreign leaders of state, will be welcome to attend the conventions upon compliance with convention security.

§ 000.62: Commercial Reporter Access

Commercial reporters will be permitted perimeter and gallery accommodations regulated by the convention leader, established building ordinances, and convention security.

§ 000.63: Public Access

Public attendance will be regulated by delegate sponsorship, established building ordinances, and convention security. Relatively few spectators will be permitted to attend the litigation sessions. All civil protests, and contests, must be registered with the municipal police services identifying all necessary aspects of the civil assembly or artistic demonstration. Marching routes will be scheduled by the permits issued from the police to accommodate emergency and motorcade routes.

§ 000.64: Persistence of Security Missions

All federal, state, and municipal security agencies are responsible for the continuation of their missions to protect the United States from foreign invasion and domestic disorderliness during the reconstitution process. Officers are to be confident that the obvious intentions of the security missions will not be altered by the terminology of any new charter, and any alterations will not be effective until the scheduled adoption and recommission of the security agency. All federal, state, and municipal appointments are responsible for their watches until properly relieved by the appointment process described in the succeeding charters. Prosecution of criminal law retains responsibility to protect the citizens during the transition. The courts and legal codes will not incur any adverse disruption of service during the transition, because new charters are initiated to correct the inadequacies of the electoral, legislative, and statutory law (bureaucracy systems), and not the regulatory, criminal, and common laws that are "already on the books." Any adjustments to such laws will not occur until after the adoption of the succeeding charter and promulgation of subsequent legislation effecting the previous regulations.

§ 000.65: Prosecution of Interference

All evidence of interference, most notably, vandalism of documents necessary for the secure transition of the government, will be investigated and prosecuted as appropriate with subsisting state and federal law. All officials, past and present, contemplating their liability for their acts during the former administrations are advised to seek legal counsel. Contempt for the reconstitution process by any government official will be considered suspicious, and will be investigated for possible culpability of acts against the United States and subsequent state governments. Unlike the former governments, prosecution of law will be correctly diversified from factional governing, and will be able to process the workload unencumbered by any personal prejudice, political bias, or ethnic discrimination - the succeeding government will prosecute any and all crimes committed against the orderly progression of the United States’ approach to Justice.

§ 000.66: Documentation

All records of petitioned and validated charters are to be properly archived by the constituent states until secured by the succeeding federal government.