Dear Black Americans

The American legends that have been devised to lead us to believe that true justice is possible cannot be achieved under the direction of the 18th century three-part model. The exercise of the 1787 federal Constitution successfully lead to the end of slavery in America, and that was about all it was good for. The design of the government is inherently flawed, and cannot meet the demands of diversity that the nation has evolved to, nor the expectations of a relatively more sophisticated citizenry than the people of the 18th century.

White supremacy and systemic biases are not formulated into the social system. “Systemic biases,” are collateral dysfunction of the imperfect governing system that is in place guiding the society. Black people's encounters with racial prejudice is random, unpredictable, and an unfortunate product of social disorder that can only be rectified by reordering the government chartering system. A disorderly government leads to a disorderly society.

An orderly government leads to an orderly society. (continued)

America is the first country... that can actually have a bloodless revolution.

- Malcolm X

Dear White Americans

Contrary to the popular rhetoric, the founders of the United States are not turning in their graves because of the misuse of the Constitution, but rather, because of the continued exercise of their inadequate formulation of the government. The expansion of the government security departments, and advanced technology, would direct the founders towards a more accurate design of a more reliable orderly republic government. They would certainly not insist that their centuries old design of a three-part separation system of checks and balances was peerless; and most likely, they would be quick to recognize that the partisan strategies that congest the legislative processes that lead to the social disorderliness that we endure is caused by the lack of an orderly system.

The three-part separation theory was improperly deployed, and the subsequent inefficiencies of that deployment are approaching the ultimate failure conditions - political gridlock, theatrics, and strategies, cause perpetual dissent, social disorder, and rebellion. Modern sophisticated technology provides the tools necessary for ordering more reliable government, the approach to true justice, domestic tranquility, and world peace. (continued)

Let Us Raise A Standard To Which The Wise And The Honest Can Repair; the event is in the hand of God.

- George Washington

Please accept this request for a constitutional convention that gathers the diversity of people that the previous generations could not gather to reorder the entire chartering system in a deliberate effort to accommodate the better municipal, state, and national deliberations, concerning foreign and domestic policy, government corruption, civil rights, and the various dimensions of social stratification; that otherwise left unattended will undoubtedly lead to another civil war.