The United States Fourth Continental Congress is commissioned to identify and explore the solution to the American Experiment.

General Problem with the subsisting American Charter System

Deployment of the Three-part Separation Theory

The Three-part Separation Theory that is deployed in the American governing system does not have a formulated subdivision for the three branches, nor a formulated hierarchy for the three levels of government responsibilities.

The ad hoc deployment of the incomplete Three-part Separation Theory only prevents any one person from ascending to a dictatorship, it does not dissipate the quest to populate the three parts with “politically” aligned personnel (crony bureaucrats, partisan legislators, and activist judges).

The subsequent evolution of the unregulated deployment of the three-level hierarchy of government responsibilities emphasizes the federal government’s ability to utilize the resources and commerce of the nation to solve all problems and undermines the local pursuits for economically stable community, and the reliable charter system that would be guiding that community.

Checks and Balances of Power

The Checks and Balances Theory is directly dependent on the integrity of the deployment of the Three-part Separation Theory. Any error in the deployment of the Three-part Separation Theory inevitably causes error in the checks and balances of power.

Justification for Reordering the Charter System

Scientific Inquiry

It should not require any further explanation to recognize that a formulated subdivision of the three parts will have beneficial effects on the formulation of government and efficacy of checks and balances.

Amendments to the subsisting system of government charters will not be able to do the formulated subdivision of the three parts, and this is the same reason that the founders of the United States abandoned their commissions to amend the Articles of Confederation in favor of ordering a new constitution. In order to deploy the recently revealed Three-part Separation Theory they had to use the numerical order of the articles to correlate to the order of the three parts..

There is a complimentary theory to the Three-part Separation Theory that suggests a subdivision of the three parts that is relatively evident by the unfurled delegation of the government security services, Congressional committee missions, and the court division system. Not the appellate hierarchy system - the horizontal division of law. Courts of law. Law and Order.

Constitutional Convention Theory

Validation, Ratification, and Adoption

The national convention will not be like our white supremacist images of the 1787 Philadelphia Convention. The only thing close to that image will probably be a validation ceremony in Philadelphia issuing a referendum election for adoption of a new federal charter. It is possible that the states may request Philadelphia for their validation or adoption ceremonies, but that would be silly for all but the Original Thirteen States of the Union; and that might be silly if the reliable charter template is stabilized outside of the those states.

Anything is possible, but some things are more likely than others. The federal government could possibly require the states to reorder their charters in the pursuit of better economic efficiency in light of an irrefutable new separation theory, but the federal politicians and awoken security forces will probably be afraid of that causing mass hysteria.

Be advised that this campaign effort issues a security order that exceeds any individual American’s sense of security necessary for the transition, and it has been cleared by the United States National Security Community, Justice Department, Congressional Black Caucus, and the 148 Black Members of the Obama Administration.

There are no definite rules for charter conventions. There is no law forbidding anyone from organizing a “drafting party,” or whatever. And there is no law directing that only state entities are authorized to organize and qualify delegates to a convention.

It only seems this way, because most people lack the inspiration to describe what would inspire people to compose a constitution that would succeed the Almighty United States Constitution.

Legends of the Philadelphia Convention lead even the most heralded American political science scholars to believe that only the state governments can organize a convention. But how the states and municipalities have qualified crony professors and self-indulgent political donors to do the creative thinking and composing has not inspired anything that leads to the deliberation of the domestic issues in a manner that approaches our modern sophisticated expectations of good government, nor the reliable government charter that we need to provide for the developing societies that exist in the world.

State Conventions

National Conventions

Convention Security