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I'm Yuto Tamura, undergraduate student at Tokai University.

My research topic is the focused object estimation using the eye movements.

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Name : Yuto Tamura / 田村 祐人

From : Shizuoka, Japan.

Research key words : Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements, Eye Tracking and Human Computer Interaction.

~2016.3 Fujinomiya west high school, Shizuoka, Japan.

2016.4 ~ Now Bachelor student at Applied Computer Engineering, Tokai University.

2020.4 ~ Master course student at Graduate School of Engineering, Tokai University.

If you want to know more detail of research please press the link.

International Conferences

  1. Yuto Tamura and Kentaro Takemura, "Estimating Focused Object using Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements and Interest Points in the Real World", The Adjunct Publication of the 32nd Annual Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST2019), pp. 21-23, 2019.10.

Domestic Conferences

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These photos were taken with my hobby.

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Contact and Links

If you feel interesting my research and question please send e-mail.

Research E-mail : yuto-t[at]takemura-lab.org

Personal Email : wingvesperia[at]icloud.com

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