For KPBSD Students

Skype for Business Guidelines

KPBSD Distance Teachers encourage their students to connect with them during the school day using Skype for Business - it is a virtual way of raising your hand and asking a question or getting support.

  • Use the IM feature to initially ask, "Hi Ms./Mr. ______, is now a good time to connect?"
  • If you do not get a response, please use email or Canvas messaging to reach your teacher about your particular need.
  • If you do get a response, proceed by continuing to IM, or by connecting with an audio or video call as needed.

Skype for Business on a KPBSD Computer

At bottom left corner of your computer screen click on search button, type in Skype, and in the menu Skype for Business should appear, click to open.

address (Include the zero at the beginning)

Put in student ID # in and hit enter. The screen below will pop up asking for your password.

Enter school password, hit enter and you should see the screen below. You are in Skype for business and ready to IM, call, or video call. See next page for How To reference for using skype for business.

Video below to show how the above steps work.

Skype for Business on Your Personal Computer

Getting Skype on your Computer. Two ways.

1. Follow the instructions here to download Office 2016 for free (Skype for business included RECOMMENDED)

2. For Windows computers, the Skype for Business client can be downloaded from:

-To install, run the downloaded installer package and follow the install instructions.

For Mac OS X computers, the Skype for Business client can be downloaded from:

- To install, open the downloaded Skype for Business dmg file and then run the Skype for Business Installer file.

-Follow the installer prompts until the install is finished.

Skype for Business on Your Mobile Device

Download the mobile app called Skype for Business.

Use same login as for a KPBSD computer:

Sign In:

school password

After you enter your password you will then have to enter your mobile phone number. The next page will contain how to videos to best use Skype for Business.

How To Videos located at the top of this site in the right hand corner. Click How to Videos.