Booster Club

Booster Club

The purpose of the Skyline High School Booster Club organization is to support our coaches, captains, and swimmers. Our goal is to enhance the overall team experience for all participants. We rely on the generous financial support of parents and local businesses. Through the support of our members and our fundraising efforts, the Booster Club has been able to fund areas of need that are not able to be fully funded by the school.

In past few years, the Booster Club focused fundraising efforts to help pay for assistant coach salaries, travel expenses for swim meet(s), as well as significant capital improvements for the Swim Program: A new electronic scoreboard, new touchpads, new starting blocks, new starter, and so much more.

The Skyline High School Booster Club is committed to helping Skyline maintain a winning edge in its swimming program!

To contact the Booster Club, please email boosters@skylineswimming.org

Many thanks to our wonderful families who support the Skyline Swim Team Booster Club!

2019-2020 Booster Club Board

Karianne and Jeff Prince

Johanna and Andy Barraco


Julie and Robert Bills

Jon and Beth Diaz

Stan and Sarah Pugsley

2019-20 Booster Club Membership Form

2019 booster membership form.pdf

2019-20 Parent Meeting Presentation

2019 booster presentation.pdf

Skyline Swim Booster Club has Venmo @Skyline_Swim

Booster Club Payment and Reimbursement Procedures


Payments to the Booster Club can be made in two ways:

1. Check, written to Skyline Swim Booster Club and left in the Booster Box in Joe’s office.

2. Venmo payment to @Skyline_Swim


As always, reimbursements for expenses made on behalf of the Booster Club are at your discretion. If you choose to have your expenses be considered a “contribution”, Thank You. If you desire a reimbursement, please know that the maximum reimbursement is $100 for Bus Snacks, and $150 for Saturday Breakfasts. This is an increase from last year due to the increased size of our team.

Reimbursements can also be made in two ways:

1. Check

2. Venmo

For all reimbursement requests, please send and email to jonspring@bonnevilleresearch.com and include the following:

  • Photo of the receipt
  • Description of the expense (i.e. Saturday Breakfast)
  • Requested method of reimbursement
    • If check include name and mailing address
    • If Venmo include account name (i.e. @Skyline_Swim)