Skyhook is an open source database storage project that builds upon and extends Ceph distributed storage and PostgeSQL, with additional functions we are developing in Ceph via its user defined extensions interface ("cls") that enable elasticity, metadata management, and data processing. Skyhook is based upon our academic research and input from the advisory board of CROSS.



Skyhook is funded by the Center For Research on Open Source Software (CROSS) at the University of California Santa Cruz, and gratefully acknowledges the support of CROSS and its current and former industry members Micron, Seagate, Toshiba, SK Hynix, and Western Digital. SkyhookDB benefits from collaborations with faculty, graduate students, and researchers affiliated with CROSS and the UCSC Systems Research Lab. Skyhook also benefits from the deep level of Ceph expertise at UC Santa Cruz, where Ceph has its origins.

Center for Research on Open Source Software