Data Management

Skyhook - Programmable storage for databases.

Please see our Announcements page for latest news (last updated Dec. 2019)!

Skyhook is an open source project within the Center for Research on Open Source Software at the University of California Santa Cruz. Skyhook leverages "programmable storage" capabilities to enhance data management directly within the storage layer.

The goal of Skyhook is to allow users to transparently grow and shrink their database storage as processing demands change. Skyhook utilizes Ceph distributed object storage and extends its object functionality with customized "object classes" that enable database-specific operations and optimizations including pushdown processing and local indexing as well as data redistribution to support data management in the cloud. For more details please see our architecture overview.

Skyhook also builds upon the open source PostgreSQL database using the Postgres external table access interface (foreign data wrapper) that we are developing for Ceph.

Skyhook is in development phase with a rich set of features to work on. To help with the project, please Get Involved.