How To Download The Sky Bet Android App?

We were able to download an earlier APK version of the SkyBet Android mobile app. In its ease of navigation and cleanness of look, it is identical to SkyBet’s iOS app. Certainly, SkyBet’s great markets, exceptional features, and excellent promotions are also very easy to take in at a glance. With this version though, login is still through the use of a Quick Pin.

In August 2017, Google decided to relax its ban on real-money gambling apps, allowing apps like slots, casino games, and most especially sports betting on the Play Store in the UK, Ireland, and France. With this, Sky Bet has also announced that its Official Android App is now also available on Google Play. As SkyBet reports, this Version 2.0 already has fingerprint login, comparable to the iOS app’s Touch ID login.

With its announcement that the SkyBet Android app would now be available on Google Play, all of the Android-users can now easily find the .apk file directly on the Google market.

How to Install Sky Bet Android App?

  • Step 1: Using your mobile device’s browser, open SkyBet’s official homepage.

  • Step 2: Below SkyBet’s logo is a neon green DOWNLOAD button. Simply click it, and the apk file will be downloaded.

  • Step 3: Your mobile phone will notify you when the download is done. Click on the notification. Alternately, look for the sky-bet.apk file in your device’s ‘File Manager’, and click on the file.

  • Step 4: An ‘installation blocked’ message may appear. Just follow the directions on the pop-up. Visit your mobile’s Settings. Under Security, switch on ‘Unknown Sources’ to allow installation of applications from both trusted and unknown sources.

  • Step 5: On the app’s top menu, scroll to ‘Downloads’ and you’ll see the banner for ‘SkyBet Download Completed’. Clicking this banner installs the SkyBet Android app on your mobile phone.

About SkyBet

Not surprisingly, sports betting company SkyBet has had its app in Apple’s UK App Store since 2011. While there has also been a SkyBet mobile android app for some time, with Google repealing its earlier ban on all gambling apps just in August 2017, we think it’s high time we review both iOS and Android SkyBet apps. And, as we’re already on this, why not do one on the SkyBet mobile site, too?

SkyBet is the sports betting division of Betting and Gaming, a wholly-owned subsidiary of British Sky Broadcasting Group plc (Sky). A significant player in the UK, well rightly an institution, SkyBet has had a massive following since 2002. It has been a proud sponsor of the entire English Football League for 5 years. The company and the EFL recently extended this sponsorship deal until the summer of 2024.

To be able to watch one’s favourite matches as well as bet on them whenever and wherever is every punter’s dream. To this end, SkyBet satisfies the desire to bet-on-the-go with its SkyBet iOS and Android apps as well as its SkyBet mobile site version.