Sec 3 icg2017


Event details

Date: 24 May 2017

Venue: Hall, ISH 1, ISH 2


Congratulations to all winners and thank you for your enthusiastic participation!

Proud to see so many deserving Sportsman/Sportswoman on and off the Courts! Keep it up!

Here are some pictures of the day!


2017 Sec 3 Inter-Class Games Floorball Fixtures

Rules & Regulations

1. Floorball will be played in a ROUND-ROBIN format during Group Stage, and KNOCK-OUT format

during the Finals Stage.

2. Each game will be played 7-a-side, lasting for 15 minutes with no interval in between.

3. All teams must report to the teacher-in-charge at least 10 minutes before the start of their game.

4. A minimum of 5 players is required to start a match. A walkover will be given to the opposing team

if the minimum number of players is not present. The score 3-0 will be awarded for a walkover game.

5. All players must be properly attired for each game, i.e. PE attire (class t-shirt is allowed).

6. The referee’s decision is final.

7. Disciplinary action will be taken on players who display undesirable behaviour.

8. Any changes to the team should be communicated to the teacher-in-charge prior to the start of the

competition. Changes made mid-way through the competition are NOT allowed.

Rules of the game

1. The game shall start / re-start after a goal with a face-off at the center spot.

2. The stick and the ball cannot be raised above the knee level.

3. A free-hit (opponents are to move 3 m away from the ball) will be given to the opposing team if a

foul is committed or if the ball goes out of play

  • holding, hitting, blocking, lifting or kicking an opponent’s stick
  • placing the stick, feet or leg between the opponent’s legs
  • holding, tripping or tackling an opponent
  • stopping the ball with the hand, the arm or the head

4. Any ball that went out of bounds shall be played from where the ball went out.

5. There shall be NO GOALKEEPING. No player is allowed in the marked area, 2m in front

of the goal post.

6. Substitutions of players may take place at any time of the game (rolling substitution).

7. No intentional rough play is allowed; any rough play will result in fouling out of that particular

player involved.