Skillz Machine vs SUperdeker


Let's compare Skillz Machine to the SuperDeker line of products. The first thing to note is that while Skillz Machine is for ball hockey, field hockey, ice hockey, and indoor hockey, the SuperDeker and SuperDekerPro are for ice hockey only. Another major differentiator is that neither SuperDeker (3 games) nor SuperDekerPro (10 games) come with any two-player games. Skillz Machine has 18 games, five of which are two-player games.

Skillz vs SuperDekerpro

Side-by-side comparison of Skillz Machine vs. SuperDekerPro.


SuperDekerPro has an internal battery. Seems like a good idea, right? Of concern is that lithium-ion batteries don't last forever (expected life span is two to three years depending on the number of charges and amount of use). Also troubling is that the SuperDekerPro's battery is trapped inside the product's sealed casing. What happens when the battery dies? This will likely negatively impact the resale value of an aging SuperDekerPro.

Skillz Machine for Ice Hockey

Known as the GAME CHANGER in the ice hockey world, the platform was introduced in 2019. GAME CHANGER originated in Europe and led the way for SKILLZ MACHINE in North America. While dominating the market for neuroadaptive devices for ice hockey in Europe, we wanted to give the product its own identity in the USA and Canada. For ice hockey, Skillz Machine comes with two SkillzPUCKs, two SKillzBANDs (SkillzPUCK rebounders and anchors), a bottle of SkillzSPRAY (non-friction spray to make the Skillz Machine board slippery like ice), a power cord, and a two-year warranty.