"My daughter loves hers. After the first week of using it her trainer commented on how well her ball control had improved and when I told him it was because of Skillz Machine he also raved about it!! Great product and worth the investment!!"   -- Skillz Machine owner and parent of a player in Pennsylvania 

"In ten years these neuroadaptive training devices are going to be absolutely standard for training any in sport with a dynamic tactical component. It’s literally brain-hacking some of the dynamic nature of free play."   -- Skillz Machine owner and parent of a player in Ohio 

How big is SkillZ Machine?

The player on the left is 5'9" tall.

What's Your Hockey?

Skillz Machine is for ball hockey, field hockey, ice hockey and indoor hockey. Training on Skillz Machine helps players with stick speed, control skills, concentration, reaction time, and eye-hand coordination.  It comes with 18 skill challenges including 5 two-player games. Multicolor target lights shine through from under a translucent training surface. For ice hockey athletes, Skillz Machine comes with two SkillzPUCKs, two SkillzBANDs (puck rebounders), and a bottle of SkillzSPRAY (non-friction spray). Ball hockey and indoor hockey athletes use a SkillzBALL on Skillz Machine's polycarbonate training surface (Skillz Machine comes with two SkillzBALLs).  Field hockey athletes can train with the SkillzTURF overlay (yes, the lights shine through the SkillzTURF overlay) or super charge their stick skills by training on the polycarbonate surface.  Skillz Machine is a gamification system, a neuroadaptive training device used to enhance physical, mental, and neuromuscular performance.