bruce worden

Woodstalk: 3 Days of Peace, Music, and Zombies

Graphic novel, paperback, b&w, 170 pages. Amazon. Gumroad.

Goodnight Keith Moon

Picture book, paperback, full color, 32 pages. Amazon. Gumroad.

One Drink

Comic, staple-bound, 2-color, 14 pages. Gumroad.

A Vagina Is Not... / A Penis Is Not...

Tête-bêche–bound "reversible" pamphlet, 2-color, 48 pages. Amazon. Gumroad.

Shoppers Unknown

Picto-blog, 2016–2018

Homophones, Weakly

Grammar picto-blog that ran from 2011–2016. Book coming soon from Chronicle Books!!

Woodstalk, single issues #1–7

Comics, staple-bound, b&w, 16–24 pages. Amazon.

Tolliver Toad

Picture book, hardcover, 2-color, 32 pages. Amazon. Gumroad.

Up Monkey, Down Monkey (preview)

Board book, 3-color, 18 pages

The Last Days of New Paris graphic novel adaptation test pages

Digital collages

Random gags

Scientific illustration & museum work