Conference Videos

Session 1: The Conundrum of the Transitional Diaconate

Chair: Susan Page

Speakers: Susanne Watson Epting, George Newman, Alison Peden,

Session 2 : The Theological Basis of the Diaconate

Chair: Brett Salkeld

Speakers: Frederick Bauerschmidt, Rosalind Brown

Session 3: Women and the Diaconate

Chair: Michael Jackson

Speakers: Brian Butcher, Gloria Marie Jones, Maylanne Maybee

Session 4: The Diaconate as Ecumenical Opportunity

Chair: Archbishop Bolen

Speakers: Maylanne Maybee, Brett Salkeld

Session 5: The Diaconate in the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches

Chair: Bishop Bayda

Speaker: Brian Butcher

Session 6: The Prophetic Ministry of the Deacon

Chair: Joe Lang

Speakers: Josephine Borgeson, Gloria Marie Jones, Susanne Watson Epting

Unfortunately Session 7's sound was scrambled and so it is unavailable.

Session 7 : The Deacon in the Worshipping Community

Chair: Bishop Hardwick

Speakers: Frederick Bauerschmidt, Rosalind Brown, Michael Jackson

Session 8: Diaconal Formation

Chair: Catherine Harper

Speakers: Josephine Borgeson, George Newman, Alison Peden

Session 9: Diaconal Relationships

Chair: Karen Ziegler

Speaker: Frederick Bauerschmidt