Hi, my name is

Siu Hei CHUNG.

(Well, "Siu Hei" is my name, and "CHUNG" is my surname. Please don't call me "Siu".)

Theatre Director, Dramaturg, Drama Teacher

Upcoming Events

Forecast Forum -
"Quick Sketches about Hong Kong"

Date and Time:
15 - 17 July 2022

Venue: Radialsystem, Berlin

More Details on: https://forecast-platform.com/forecast-7-participants/

Cultural Masseur -
"Neither Fish Nor Fowl"

Date and Time:
7 October 2022 (Fri) 20:00
8 October 2022 (Sat) 20:00
9 October 2022 (Sun) 15:00, 20:00

Venue: Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre

More Details on: https://www.culturalmasseur.hk/2022/en/main_programme/neither-fish-nor-fowl/