Led by a reliable and trustworthy professional with over a decade of experience in the veterinary field and a knack for organization, Sit & Stay Pet Care and Comfort Concierge aims to fulfill both you and your pet's needs. 

We offer a range of services allowing us to provide you with assistance, saving you precious time and lightening your load. Your comfort and peace of mind is a priority.

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Overnight Pet Sitting

A pet professional stays overnight with your pets in the comfort and convenience of their own home. This includes feeding, watering, bathroom breaks or litter box cleaning, walks and/or playtime, and loving attention, and medication administration if necessary.

Daily Visits/Check-Ins

In-home check-ins by a pet professional include feeding & watering, bathroom break or litter box cleaning, medication if needed, and playtime & loving attention.

Hourly Pet Sitting 

A professional pet attendant cares for your pet in your hotel room, residence, or vacation rental, includes feeding & watering and bathroom breaks as necessary, and can include outdoor play time or walk if desired.

Dog Walking

Private walk starting and ending at your place of residence, work, or other location convenient for you. All walks include bathroom, water, and treat breaks as needed.

Pet Taxi

Transportation for your pet, includes pick-up from your home and drop-off to end location. Perfect for getting your pet to their grooming, non-emergency vet, or other appointments.

Pet Supply Delivery

Delivery of supplies and goods to your home. Items can be prepaid with store or purchased by Sit & Stay Pet Care and billed in addition to the service and delivery fee. Shopping, pick-up, and delivery are subject to the availability of supplies.

Basic Grooming

Baths, brushing, nail trims, and ear cleaning for your pets in the comfort of their home. We can use products that you provide or our own.

Special Needs Pets

Assistance with at-home treatments including but not limited to the administration of medications (topical, oral, or injectable), and fluids (i.v. or subcutaneous).

International Pet Relocation

Not sure where to start with relocating with your pet internationally? We can help you navigate the often complex requirements and logistics involved. Selecting the correct crate, fulling veterinary requirements, reservations with the airline, on- the-ground support... we assist with it all.

Home & Office Organization

Our home services cater to what you want to see organized first. Whether it’s your master closet, kitchen pantry, garage, office at home, desk at work, or a filing system so your mail doesn’t end up scattered all over your kitchen counter, we’ll get you sorted and organized. Every project is unique and is personalized to complement your daily routines, aesthetic preferences, functionality, and lifestyle.

Pick-up / Drop-off Services

Need to collect or deliver something? We can do that for you! We also offer injury and illness care for you or your loved ones, including home visits/wellness checks, purchasing of flowers and gifts, accompanying appointments, and meal deliveries.

Waiting for / Overseeing Trades People 

This service means you will never have to stay in and wait for tradesmen again. We can also oversee the work that needs to be done.

Relocation Assistance 

We can assist with decluttering, sorting, and packing up your home/office before a move or a scheduled extension/build. Want to donate items? Let us handle that. We can also be there to provide a quick, efficient, and organized unpack to help you settle into your new home/office.

House Sitting 

We can water your plants, both indoors and out. We also provide property checks while you are away from home to give you peace of mind.

Personal Assistant Services

Give us your "to-do" list, we can run those errands, make appointments, liaise with vendors, and conduct desk research. We take care of whatever needs to get done.

Waiting for Deliveries

You don't need to waste time waiting for deliveries! We take care of that and wait on your behalf.

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