Satellite Image Times Series (SITS) and Displacements Field Time Series (DFTS)

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Ranking Evolution Maps for Satellite Image Time Series Exploration – Application to Crustal Deformation and Environmental Monitoring. N. Méger, C. Rigotti, C. Pothier, T. Nguyen, F. Lodge, L. Gueguen, R. Andréoli, M-P. Doin and M. Datcu. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 33 (1), pp. 131-167, January 2019.

  • The Mount Etna SITS. Envisat data, © ESA, Processing M.-P. Doin, Felicity Lodge, S. Guillaso, R. Jolivet, C. Lasserre, G. Ducret, R. Grandin, E. Pathier, V. Pinel.
  • The Yaté SITS. Landsat-7 data, © NASA / USGS, Processing and access Qëhnelö™.

A pattern-based method for handling confidence measures while mining satellite displacement field time series. Application to Greenland ice sheet and Alpine glaciers. T. Nguyen, N. Méger, C. Rigotti, C. Pothier, E. Trouvé, N. Gourmelen and J-L. Mugnier. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 11 (11), pp. 4390 - 4402, October 2018.

  • The Mont Blanc DFTS. TerraSAR-X data, © DLR, Processing T. Nguyen, N. Méger, C. Rigotti, C. Pothier, E. Trouvé and J-L. Mugnier.

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