Biomechanics and Soft Machine Lab

Soft Robotics, Biomechanics, Smart Material and Structure, Medical device, Polymer Mechanics

BSM Lab in IIT Delhi does interdisciplinary research in Biomechanics at cellular and tissue scale, Biomedical device, Soft Robotics, Smart Material and Structures, Neural prosthetics, Orthopedic implants. Some of the current concentrations are towards Brain mechanics, Energy harvesting, Controllable stiffness actuator.


Congratulation to Shreya Banerjee for successfully defending her PhD thesis. Dr. Shreya Banerjee from now on!!

Viswanath is going to defend his PhD thesis on April 23rd, 2018. Good Luck!

Prashant Paul have been awarded the Mrs Malti Singh and Smt Ram Rishi Singh Memorial Post Graduate Award, for his work on adaptive optics (electro active polymeric lense) based confocal microscope design. CONGRATULATION!!

Partha, Priyabroto and Lalit Gaur successfully defended their Master's thesis. Congratulation!

We welcome new PhD student Jatin to our lab. Jatin is going to work with Prof Sushma and Prof S Roy

We welcome new PhD student Rakesh to our group. Rakesh is going to work with Prof B P Patel and Prof S Roy.

We welcome project students, Shaswata and Prathista in our lab for BP Device development.

Sitikantha Roy

Associate Professor

Deprtment of Applied Mechanics

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Hauz Khas, New Delhi; PIN 110016



Phone: +91-011-26591220

Research Position(s) Available

One position might be available soon with Experimental mechanics background, and another one with continuum bio-mechanics. Our lab works in Bio and soft material direction, only if you are interested in those please get in touch.

We need people to work on soft wearable robotics. Please get in touch if you have background in mechanics, electrical engineering, design, signal processing or control engineering.