Global Course of Engineering and Science

Nurturing Future Global Engineering Leaders

Fostering Global Human Resources

Who Can Learn from and Contribute to the World

Establishment of Global Course of Engineering and Science

Vision and Mission

The Global Course of Engineering and Science (GEneS) is a new international master course in the Graduate School at Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT). It is established in 2017 as a part of Top Global University project. The GEneS aims to nurture future global engineering leaders by providing higher education in a cross disciplinary an d international research environment. Students enrolling in the course can engage in various fields of study such as functional materials engineering,chemistry, electrical & electronics engineering, systems engineering& science, mechanical engineering, architecture & civil engineering,information & computer science.

With “Learn from the world and contribute to the world” as its philosophy, the GEneS plays its role in promoting SIT as a global university in Japan with its unique features. Students enrolled in the course are given a study abroad or an internship experience to learn different thinking ways and cultures to gain meta-national awareness.

Admission Process


Prior to application, the applicant should contact a professor or the laboratory at SIT they would like to apply.

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GEneS - Academic Staff List


Applicants should follow the application procedure. For more details, please refer to the application form.

Important Notice

  • Take a TOEIC(R) or equivalent English proficiency test in advance because all applicants will be requested to submit the score.
  • Submitted document will be screened for selection.


Applicants should take the following exam in English :

  • Short essay on a given topic
  • Presentation and interview

Unique Features


The Global Course of Engineering and Science offers graduation through

a research thesis

where students are required to write a thesis in English for their graduation.

a research project

where students are required to complete a project for their graduation.


As one of the requirements for the graduation, all students should have a

study abroad(1)

experience at a partner university


at a Japanese company.

(1)The duration will be at least 1 quarter (3 months).

(2) Only available for foreign students.


The GEneS uses

English as the main language

in providing its students with a higher education program. Seminars and guidance will be basically given in English to further develop students’ logical thinking,global communication and technical presentation skills.


The GEneS is the only course with a

cross-department concept

at Shibaura Institute Technology.It provides students with an international

cross-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary

research environment required to foster future global science and engineering leaders.

The GEneS covers 7 major re search fields including materials science & engineering, chemistry,electrical & electronic engineering, system engineering & science, mechanical engineering,information & computer science,architecture & civil engineering.

It is also supported by more than 60 laboratories providing students a wide range of study and research fields.

Educational Strategies

The Global Course of Engineering and Science aims to nurture future global engineeringleaders by means of :

  • Teaching the frontiers of science and engineering so the students are able to understandtechnological challenges.
  • Practicing in global communication to develop a meta-national awareness.
  • Learning global technology management so the students can recognize global business opportunities.
  • Identifying future global needs and technologies so the students can lead the world to a sustainable global growth.

After Graduation

This course aims to nurture global engineering leaders with the ability to collaborate with engineers and scientists worldwide to lead the world towards a sustainable global growth.Upon graduation, graduates of the GEneS will receive Master of Science in Engineering degree. The alumni of the GEneS are expected to be competent human resources in global companies worldwide.


SIT offers scholarships to graduate students.

It also provides support for students study abroad.

For more details

(Note: Currently, scholarships listed on the website are only a vailable for Japanese students.)

Graduate School Section - Shibaura Institute of Technology

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Why SIT?

FY2015 Facts

SIT has 7,413 undergraduate, 886 master course and 54 doctoral course students which make a total of more than 8,353 students in FY2015. Out of 2,318 students graduated in FY2015, 1,577 found employment and 493 continued their study at the graduate school*(1). The SIT employment rate of 95.9% is ranked 10th amongst national and private universities in Japan and ranked 1st amongst institutions with more than 2,000 graduates*(2).

SIT has been selected by MEXT, Japan as one of top global universities for Top Global University project FY2013. Since then, SIT has been steadily increasing the number of foreign students and students with overseas experiences. The numbers reach 501 and 712 students,*(3) respectively, for FY2015.

  1. Source: SIT
  2. Source: Toyokeizai Online
  3. Source: SIT Top Global University Project 2015-2016 Report (Including short term programs)

Study abroad opportunities

SIT is providing various study abroad programs such as :

1. Students exchange

available to undergraduates (3rd grd.) and graduate students, 2-3 months

2. Hybrid Twinning (HBT)

available to foreign students from partner universities going to graduate school at SIT

3. Global Project Based Learning (gPBL)

available to graduate school students

to encourage its students to go abroad and to give foreign students opportunities to study at SIT.

Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)

SIT promotes gender equality as part of activity to achieve greater diversity.SIT has been conducting activities to increase the number of female students,staffs and professors as well as to support female researchers.

The graph on the right shows the number of female professors, staffs,and students at SIT and the proportion of total number of female members.

Global Technology Initiative (GTI) Consortium

SIT is also promoting the industry-academia-government collaboration in Japan and Southeast Asia by establishing GTI Consortium. GTI Consortium now has more than 135 members including major Japanese companies. The GEneS will be cooperating with GTI Consortium to find partner companies for foreign students who wish to have an internship program in a Japanese company.


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