My name is Sirus Dehdari and I am a Ph.D. in Economics from the Institute for International Economic Studies. Starting Fall 2018, I will join the CONPOL project at Uppsala University (Department of Government). I do research in applied microeconometrics, and political and institutional economics, in particular voting for far-right parties, national identity, and political participation.

You can find my doctoral thesis, Radical Right, Identity, and Retaliation, here, and my CV here.

Working paper(s):

  • The origins of common identity: Division, homogenization policies and identity formation in Alsace-Lorraine (with Kai Gehring). CesIFO Working Paper No. 6556 (PDF)

Work in progress:

  • Economic Distress and Support for Far-right Parties - Evidence from Sweden. (SSRN)
  • Gender Difference in Revenge and Strategic Play: A Natural Experiment (with Emma Heikesten and Siri Isaksson). Chapter 3
  • Understanding the turnout 'gap' (with Jaakko Meriläinen).
  • Access to Danish TV and Voting for Far-right Parties in Sweden (with Erik Prawitz and Jens Rydgren)

Recent and Upcoming Talks:

  • September 6: Institute for Analytical Sociology, Linköping University
  • September 2: APSA 2018 (Boston)
  • May 9: Political Economy Workshop, BI Norwegian Business School (Oslo)
  • April 5: MPSA 2018 (Chicago)
  • March 28: RES 2018 (Brighton)
  • March 27: ASEN 2018 (London)