My name is Sirus Dehdari and I am a postdoc at the Department of Government at Uppsala University (CONPOL project). I do research in applied microeconometrics, and political and institutional economics, in particular voting for radical right parties, identity formation, and political participation.

You can find my doctoral thesis, Radical Right, Identity, and Retaliation, here, and my CV here.

Working paper(s):

  • The origins of common identity: Evidence from Alsace-Lorraine (with Kai Gehring). CesIFO Working Paper No. 6556 (PDF)

Work in progress:

  • Economic Distress and Support for Far-right Parties - Evidence from Sweden. (SSRN)
  • Gender Difference in Revenge and Strategic Play: A Natural Experiment (with Emma Heikesten and Siri Isaksson). Chapter 3
  • Selective Abstention in Simultaneous Elections: Understanding the Turnout 'Gap' (with Jaakko Meriläinen).
  • Access to Danish TV and Voting for Radical Right Parties in Sweden (with Erik Prawitz and Jens Rydgren)
  • Early Voting, Childbirth, and Turnout (with Karl-Oskar Lindgren and Sven Oskarsson)
  • Contact at Work and Support for Radical Right Parties (with Henrik Andersson)
  • Loss of Unemployment Insurance and Voting for the Radical Right (with Mathias von Buxvoeheden and Mounir Karadja)
  • Economic Distress and Mobilized Voters (with Karl-Oskar Lindgren and Marcus Österman)

Recent and Upcoming Talks:

  • October 8: PAPP Seminar at University of Gothenburg
  • September 6: Institute for Analytical Sociology, Linköping University
  • September 2: APSA 2018 (Boston)
  • May 9: Political Economy Workshop, BI Norwegian Business School (Oslo)
  • April 5: MPSA 2018 (Chicago)
  • March 28: RES 2018 (Brighton)
  • March 27: ASEN 2018 (London)