Road Trip 2018

In the spring of 2018, Shubhra bought a home in Virginia, to move closer to her siblings Shruti and Shashvat.

While movers would ship most of her luggage (and her car), they declined to move her plants - plants that Shubhra had carefully collected over the years.

The obvious and natural thing to do when faced with obstacles is to obviously roll up your sleeves and tackle it yourself (with a little help from family).

So Shubhra and Shashvat rented a truck, loaded it up with her plants, a hose to water them, extra cans for gas and their cabin baggage.

And set out to drive from California to Virgina - via the scenic route.

This page chronicles their road trip, taken in the beautiful warm May of 2018.

Day 1 | San Mateo to Lake Tahoe

11 May 2018

First thing in the morning, we rented the truck from Penske, a short walk from Shubhra's home in San Mateo. She had checked it out earlier in the week. We made sure it was in good condition, had a full tank and good tires.

Around 9am we started arranging the plants in the truck - and by about 2pm we were finally done loading up Shubhra's traveling botanical garden.

We set off by 2:30pm PT, stopping first at a cousin's place (who had Chicken Biriyani waiting for us), waiting for two hours on the San Mateo bridge because of a traffic incident, and then making our way on to Lake Tahoe via Sacramento and I-80.

We reached Lake Tahoe after nightfall. On the way we looked up a place on Yelp, which turned out quite well - The Tamarack Lodge Motel, just after Tahoe City. Its run by a family and has a homely/rustic appeal to it.

Day 2 | Lake Tahoe to Salt Lake City. Crossing Nevada.

12 May 2018

Day 3 | Salt Lake City to Grand Teton National Park. US-89, Jenny Lake.

13 May 2018

Day 4 | Yellowstone National Park.

14 May 2018