A Safe Place for Single Dads


“I’m a single dad” is something more and more men are saying. The number of single dads raising children has grown four times since the 1960s, making it a more common family dynamic.

Yet many fathers are finding that single fatherhood offers no support network to fall back on. While there are mommy groups and single mom groups everywhere, finding something similar for single dads can be really frustrating.

If you’re a single father and have a collaborative, supportive, and harmonious co-parenting relationship with your children’s mother, you won’t need anything else, and you can consider yourself very lucky. For the rest of you single fathers, we offer a solution: Dad Coaching.

Max Anderson understands being a single dad. In raising his own young daughter, he's seen the difference in resources given to mothers and fathers, first-hand.

Once a Silicon Valley professional, he's turned his single-parent status and coaching talents into a way to building that bridge for single fathers.

With personal coaching from Max, you'll strategize together on the right way to parent based on your unique situation. No family is the same; no child is the same; no ex is the same.

So, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, Max will coach you based on his skills, experience, and intuition into something that is right for you.

Single Dad Symposium

But that's not all! For those looking to connect with other men in a similar situation, we offer a way to build your support system. Made up of other single dads participating in Max’s coaching practice, The Single Dads Symposium offers the extra boost that single fathers raising children need to build a framework and learn how to be top-notch parents, without the luxury of a supportive co-parent. Here, you'll find people in the same situation that you're in: Raising a child either completely on your own, or with an acrimonious ex. No matter the experience, you'll find empathy, support, and guidance.

You don't need to be Father of the Year to be a good dad. But simply talking to other fathers can be an incredible experience, resource, and emotional boost. The Single Dad Symposium has all of these resources and more. Our coaching services can help you learn to be the best parent you can be. It's an all-in-one place for everything that a single father might need.

  • Get expert coaching in the fine art of being a single dad
  • Find ways to manage co-parenting, no matter the family dynamic
  • Meet other dads for a unique family support network that understands your needs
  • Receive help you when you need it most

Don't wait, sign up today! With coaching from single parent - Max Anderson, you'll learn the ins-and-outs of single fatherhood. It's probably the most loving thing you can do for yourself and your children.

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