Simple Tips and Tricks to solve SEO issues

If you want to give your content an excellent outing on the web or boost your business profile and sales, maximizing your digital campaigns is the way to go. You can’t be invisible on the web and expect to beat the competition. To be more competitive or beat the competition – in terms of converting your target audience, focus must be on boosting your online visibility through search engines. Creating a profitable audience, building your traffic, improving your ranking, enhancing your visibility and monetising your website is exactly where Search engine optimisation (SEO) comes in.

What is SEO?

SEO is a marketing kit that grows your content’s visibility in organic search engine results. It encompasses creative and technical essentials needed to drive traffic, enhance your visibility, improve your ranking and increase awareness in search engines.

Does SEO help with marketing?

Yes. A good SEO campaign helps the growth of your business tremendously. A 2018 HubSpot report reveals that at least 61 percent of marketers believe “improving SEO and Organic presence” is a top priority in their inbound sales efforts. The ability of SEO campaigns to monetise your website by converting online visitors to prospective customers serves your marketing efforts profitably.

If you want to know how SEO can help with your marketing campaigns, there are many top SEO companies in the UK and the world over that can help with your SEO and digital marketing needs.

Does SEO have a problem?

The bad thing is, SEO has its own problems. The good thing is these problems can easily be solved. You can prevent common SEO problems from damaging your online efforts if you follow the right steps. Here are some of these problems and the practical steps you should take to resolve them:

404 Errors: These errors mean the page you are trying to access cannot be found on the server. It’s a client-side error which means either you typed the URL incorrectly or the webpage has been removed or moved and the URL was not changed. 404 errors are a great turnoff you can’t afford. Apart from putting off your visitors, they increase bounce rates and diminish your search rank.

The good news is a 404 error can easily be fixed. To fixit – list all the broken links on your site by testing the pages in your navigation menu. Update the broken links once you have identified the affected destinations. A simple step is to change the URLs of the downed links so they can direct visitors to a relevant landing page. We recommend a thorough site audit if you want the best result.

Missing Alt Image tag

It is strongly recommended that businesses include images in their blog or content. Unfortunately, some users place images without considering the alt attributes. Visuals help to influence and educate your audiences. Alt attributes like meta-tags and titles can diminish the value of your content if not well handled.

Image tag issues are easy to solve. You can simply browse through your gallery and enter the data required on your images. Don’t forget to use the title of the corresponding blog article as the image’s title.

Unoptimized Content

Google does not tolerate bad content on its servers. Recently, Google announced its latest algorithm—the sarcastic Fred to deal with quality issues. If your SEO efforts are not producing results, it’s highly probable your content has quality issues. Again, auditing your site can help you identify the issues responsible for its poor performance. You may also consult a professional to audit your site’s performance to achieve better results.

These simple tricks can help with your SEO issues and give your site an excellent reputation on the web.