Simon Leung Scam Defamation Case


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In this exclusive 45 minute video, Simon Leung reveals:

  • FULL STORY of what happened from beginning to end, which led to the current situation
  • The TRUTH behind each and every piece of fabricated accusation made against him
  • WHY he has kept his silence on this defamation case since the end of 2016
  • What was the FINAL STRAW that forced him to break his silence after all these years
  • REAL evidence in their complete details in response to the bits and pieces used to form small tales
  • Responses to ALL the accusations made against him, including those on social media, video platforms, blogs and other sites
  • Mentorship advice on the appropriate way to act online, especially for someone at a mentor or trainer level
  • TIPS on how to be a good person and stay out of trouble
  • Special messages directed towards the accuser and his associates or supporters
  • How Simon Leung plans to CONTINUE being the bigger person despite how much he has been wronged
  • Next steps to take in order to resolve this defamation case peacefully
  • And more...

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