Thursday 8

4:30pm: Registration

5:00pm: Keynote: SimCP Introduction

Ilse Jonkers

5:30pm: Keynote: "I had a dream.... in 1993, 25 years ago"

Guy Molenaers

6:00pm: Scientific session

The effect of EMG-constrained muscle force estimation on the outcome of botulinum toxin treatment in children with CP

Mariska Wesseling

Joint loading is normalized following single-event multilevel surgery but not following botulinum toxin injections in cerebral palsy patients

Sam Van Rossom

6:30pm: Keynote: Experimental measures to support patient-specific simulation in children with cerebral palsy

Kaat Desloovere

7:00pm: Reception

Friday 9

9:00am: Keynote: Musculoskeletal modelling for clincial use - the Basel experience

Reinald Brunner

9:30am: Keynote: SimCP Technical Framework Overview

Friedl De Groote

9:45am: SimCP Technical Framework

Lorenzo Pitto

Hoa Hoang

Antoine Falisse

10:30am: Coffee break

11:00am: Keynote: Neuro-musculoskeletal modeling of gait in cerebral palsy: where we are and where to go

Marjolein van der Krogt

11:30am: Scientific session

Subject-specific models of the lower extremity with applications in orthopaedics

Luca Modenese

Simulating the Effect of Surgical Interventions for Crouch Gait on Functional Knee Mechanics

Colin Smith

12:00pm: Poster presentations

12:30pm: Lunch/Poster Session

2pm: Keynote: From human movement to bone strains through MS modelling: is there a role with CP patients?

Fulvia Taddei

2:30pm: Scientific session

SimCP GUI case study: Predicting gait performance after orthopedic surgeries

Hans Kainz

2:45pm: SimCP GUI demo

hands-on demo led by Lorenzo Pitto

4:00pm: Panel Discussion led by Ann Hallemans

4:30pm: Closing