Technical Analyses and Support

  • Member of the jury to select the 2016 ISGAN / GSGF “Smart Grid” award
  • Support to new technologies implementation (ongoing)
    • Support S&C Electric Canada
    • Support Smarter Grid Solutions
    • Technical advisor of the INTEGRATE (Integrated Network Testbed for Energy Grid Research and Technology Experimentation) project from NREL (National Renewables Energy Lab) , Denver Colorado. ANM (Active Network Management) technology
    • Support to the EPRI Distribution Modernization Demonstration
    • Technical advisor for the CEATI Smart Grid Task Force (2012- june 2015)
  • Technical report for IREQ « High Capacity Storage introduction strategy for Hydro-Quebec » – July 2015
  • Member of the Expert panel to select energy storage R&D projects for the Wallonie, Belgium ENERGINSERE program., February 2014
  • Natural Resources Canada – Case study on the demonstration project « Boucherville Smart Grid Zone » – May 2013
  • EPRI Report « International Smart Grid Demonstration Project Case Studies & Survey Analysis » # 1026756 – May 2013

Strategic Analyses and Support

  • Editor in Chief of the IEEE Power and Energy Society long term vision – Grid Vision 2050
      • See IEEE Smart Grid World Forum, Geneva, Switzerland December 2012 and Korean Smat Grid Week,Seoul South Korea, October 2015.
  • Member of the Expert panel to evaluate the EDF R&D program « Évaluation scientifique et technique du département Mesures et système d’Information des Réseaux Electriques (MIRE) de la R&D d’EDF » – November 2011
  • Business Roadmap and vision design of Hydro-Quebec Distribution sytem (2008 et 2010)
  • Scientific Positioning and roadmap of the IREQ R&D on Distribution Smart Grid technologies – IREQ (2009)
  • Report « Distribution System Automation Roadmap – 2005–2020″ (2005)