Who are we: Manchester CT Based Running Club. We are open to runners of all speeds. Many folks are afraid to join a running club, because they fear that they may not be fast enough, or they are just starting out. Fear not! For all of us were beginners once too.

We are primarily a social based club, although we have runners going to Boston on Patriots Day every year, and even a few Ultra Runners. We have several fun, informal competitions like the 8 County Challenge, where each participant attempts to run a race within each of CT's 8 Counties.

We also have picnics, parties, and produce several road races through out the year. We welcome you, and invite you and your families to join us.

Where we're running!

Mount Nebo

Tuesday's 6PM

2,& 4+ mile routes available

Highland Park Elementary School to Porter Reservoir

Thursday's 6PM

2, 4, & 7 mile routes available

Hop River State Park Trail - Saturday's 8:30AM

June - September

3, 5, & 7+ mile routes available

Manchester Community College

Saturday's 8:30AM

January - May

West Lot, near the Great Path entrance

3, 5, & 7 mile routes available

How to find us!

Visit us on Facebook!

An active community!

Calendar of events & Strider Races