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Pendekar Manny is the team leader of Silat Sharaf UK, based in Newcastle. He is an experienced Executive Protection Specialist, bouncer and expert in Sharaf Edged-Weapons and Close-Quarter Combat.

With background and experience in Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Shotokan, Krav Maga and Wing Chun spanning 15 years, Manny has dedicated himself to the Silat Sharaf system and is still working tirelessly to improve himself and his students through continual martial education and research.

Manny frequently holds seminars mostly for women groups, especially for those who have been abused, harrassed or physically attacked in one way or the other.

The UK branch cover both regular Silat Sharaf classes as well Women’s Self-Defence classes.

Silat Sharaf – Tuesdays 6pm-7:30pm | Saturdays 1:15pm-3pm

These classes covers Silat Sharaf Street Smart Self-Defence, especially for close quarter situations where there is real and present danger. They comprise of;

  • Emptyhand Combat: punches, knees, elbows, and kicks
  • Edged Weapons: knives and machetes
  • Impact Weapons: bats, sticks, poles, tactical batons
  • Groundfighting: locks, traps, armed and unarmed
  • Mind-Body Conditioning: developing the body and mindset required to willingly use reasonable violence against attackers & aggressors, where necessary

Women’s Self Defence – Mondays & Wednesdays 9:30am-10:30am

This program is part of the Silat Sharaf Street Smart Self-Defence. It is specifically designed for women to be able to defend themselves against possible attacks or physical abuse. It is simple, close quarters and effective enough to help women protect themselves.

  • Self-Defence & Protection
  • Anti-Rape Tactics
  • Fitness & Conditioning
  • Reflex & Awareness Building
  • Useful & Defensive Tools
  • Mind-Body Conditioning: developing the body and mindset required to willingly use reasonable violence against attckers & abusers, where necessary

Private classes and seminar bookings are also available. These can be tailored to meet your needs/specifications.

Private tuition will have a positive influence on your training and will accelerate your skills and progression. It will expand your knowledge, not just in technique but through Silat Sharaf in general. You may work on areas you want to explore or on areas you wish to improve on.

The schedule will be flexible, as we will plan the timing together. You will have my undivided attention for the whole class (something not possible in a regular class) and you may also want to practice techniques which are only occasionally practiced in class.

Pop in during any of our classes or Contact us below for details.

We are at;

Unit B7, Benfield Business Park

Benfield Road, Walkergate

Newcastle upon Tyne