SIGIR Student Liaisons


Join the Ph.D. Buddy Program this year at the SIGIR conference in Ann Arbor, USA.

Is this your first time at SIGIR? Are you new to the field? Feel like you don't know anyone?

Or are you an experienced IR researcher? Is this your third IR conference in a row? Looking forward to meeting new people?

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Don't miss this opportunity to meet with new people in the field. With more than 700 participants, this conference is where you can build your network. The Buddy Program aims to give you the right excuse to introduce yourself, arrange a social gathering or discuss your work with others.

Our mission

The ACM Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval introduced a new means to connect and stay connected with our student population: Student Liaisons.

Our mission as Student Liaisons for SIGIR is to provide students with the best possible conditions to thrive. To make sure that we listen to critiques and sensitive subjects as well as suggestions for improvement from the student body. The Student Liaisons are the Go-To point for student participants in their geographic region.

SIGIR conferences are meeting places for information retrieval researchers to talk and build new connections. Building a professional network is one of the key criteria for a successful career in information academia and industry. Student Liaisons are here ensure that student attendees "in the corners" are introduced and tightly knit into our community, enacting the "no student left behind" mission. Student Liaisons also work with the ACM SIGIR Student Affairs Chair to design social student events and luncheons, and identify other opportunities for student engagement.

The current Student Liasions were introduced at the ACM SIGIR conference in Tokyo, Japan 2017.