Member Biographies

These pages are created from biographical information submitted to Sierra Writers. If you are member of Sierra Writers and would like a biography page, please send a write-up, author and cover images to: sierrawriters@gmail with the subject line: member biography

Biery, Pamela - Nonfiction / Yuba River | Poetry

Cherry, R.L. 'Ron' - Mystery, Celtic History & Classic Cars

Donaldson, Babette - Tea Writer & Educator

Horning, Linda - Memoir| Travel | Diet

McKeegan, Bonnie - Blog | Grief & Loss | Psychotherapy

Redfern, Lisa - Historical Fiction | Paranormal Romantic Suspense | Deer Creek Watershed blog & film project

Tjoa, Hock - Historical Chinese Literature | Fiction

Westmore, Jan - History, Nature & Colfax

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