A Newsletter

Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering

Vision of Dept. of CSE

To envisage a department which is committed to education, that will cater to the changing needs of the society and the nation at large, through a diverse and stimulating intellectual environment wherein Students, Faculties and Staff can thrive and grow.

Mission of Dept. of CSE

  • To create and disseminate knowledge of computer systems and technologies in a manner that impacts the direction of the field, industrial practice and society.
  • To educate and train students so that they have the knowledge to enter the job market and the skills to persistently enhance this knowledge, and provide leadership in industry, academia and in the government sectors.

Mission & Vision of BitWise

The Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, Surendra Institute of Engineering & Management announces to launch semester wise Newsletter, named 'BitWise'. BitWise aims to portray all the departmental events, student's and faculty's achievements, departmental roadmap, alumni talk, and many more. Not only that, the BitWise will be a open platform for all departmental students, faculty and staff members to publish their write ups on any interesting fields. Let us all come together and make a success for 'BitWise'.

Message from Head, CSE

Established in the year 2009, the department of Computer Science and Engineering was formed with the primary objective of providing quality education in the field, while addressing the problems of today and tomorrow. The department offers a four year course, B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering which is the most sought-after branch for the JEE(Main) & WBJEE selected students that come to the Institute. Right from its inception, the department has been offering excellent infrastructural facilities to aspiring professional students to meet the burgeoning demands of the industry. Our graduates have distinguished themselves in higher studies at the top Universities. They also occupy positions of eminence in the computer industry.

The department endeavours to produce confident professionals tuned to real time working environment. It offers excellent academic environment with a team of highly qualified faculty members to inspire the students to develop their technical skills and inculcate the spirit of team work in them. The strength of the department lies in the highly motivated students who understand the dynamics of the industry and hone their skills accordingly. We are confident that our staff members and students would satisfy the responsibilities and credibility of the department by showing a high level of professional competence in their respective domains. Our Alumni remain in constant touch with us and are contributing in the development of the department. Placements for our graduates are the best in the Institute.


Editorial Team

  • Mr. Sumanto Nag [Head & Assistant Professor (Sr.), CSE]
  • Dr. Papri Ghosh [Assistant Professor (Sr.), CSE]
  • Mr. Santosh Saha [Assistant Professor (Sr.), CSE]
  • Mr. Suryya Dwipta Acharjee [Assistant Professor (Sr.), CSE]

Panel of Reviewers

  • Mr. Sumanto Nag [Head & Assistant Professor (Sr.), CSE]
  • Mrs. Papri Ghosh [Assistant Professor (Sr.), CSE]
  • Mr. Santosh Saha [Assistant Professor (Sr.), CSE]
  • Mr. Suryya Dwipta Acharjee [Assistant Professor (Sr.), CSE]

Mentor & Proof Readers

Mr. Suman Majumdar [Assistant Engineer]

Mr. Ranjeet Karan [Assistant Engineer]

Mr. Niloy Kumar Sarkar [Assistant Engineer]