Fall semester

[No classes]

Spring semester

Bachelor: Seminar Topics in Empirical Public and Labor Economics (formerly Economic Policy Evaluation)

The topic of the seminar in the spring semester 2020 is "Unemployment, Training and Other Active Labor Market Policies". Click here to download a more detailled seminar syllabus.

Past seminars:

  • Spring 2021: No class

  • Spring 2020: "Active Labor Market Policies"

  • Spring 2019: "Understanding Tax Evasion"

  • Spring 2017: "Place-based policies"

  • Spring 2016: "Female labor supply, fertility, mother’s careers and public policy"

PhD: Public Economics II (with Eckhard Janeba)

This is the spring course of the 2nd year PhD sequence in Public Economics at the Center for Doctoral Studies in Economics (CDSE) in Mannheim. It is recommended but not necessary to participate in the fall course "E8037 Public Economics I", which covers the core theoretical foundations of the eld of public economics. This course builds on the foundations of "Public Economics I" by (i) covering more specialized theoretical concepts in specic areas of public economics and (ii) confronting theoretical predictions with state-of-the-art empirical evidence. Among others, the course covers the following topics: taxation of inter-regionally mobile production factors, international migration of high skilled labor, behavioral responses to taxation, corporate taxation, local and regional policies, tax and scal competition and tax enforcement. The course covers both theoretical and empirical approaches.