General information

The number of bachelor and master theses that can be supervised is limited. Hence, not all requests can be accepted.

If you want to write a thesis under my supervision, please contact me via email and provide all the required information listed below. I will only reply to emails providing all information.

The aim of the thesis is to autonomously elaborate on a specific topic, which was discussed with the supervisor. The thesis should take into account the relevant academic literature, including current research findings. Ideally, the thesis also makes an own original contribution.

I supervise bachelor and master theses in the following fields:

  • Public Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Urban Economics
  • Politcal Economy

For empirical theses, standard statistical software will be provided by the university.

Request for supervision

Please provide ALL of the following information in your email request.

  • Full student name
  • Matrikelnummer
  • Current semester
  • Current transcript of grades
  • 1-3 broad ideas for a topic

If I am able to supervise the thesis, we will set up a meeting and start to develop the topic of the thesis.

Useful stuff before starting to write

Prior to/upon starting the thesis:

  • Participation in a literature research course provided by the university library is recommended. Please contact Lorena Steeb if you are interested.
  • For formal requirements, see the "Guidelines for Bachelor theses" by the Mannheim economics department.
  • The department also offers counseling on how to write a thesis, please visit the following website for further information.
  • Another useful guide on writing in economics can be found here.