Joseph Forrest Vale Cathcart. My grandfather. My dads dad. Lived in Oberlin, Kansas. He was a photographer and in the winter traveled to Apache Junction, Arizona and in the Summer went to Idaho Springs, Colorado to take photos of tourists. He had a collection of stuffed animals and the customers would pose next to or on them. He shot them on a speed graflex camera on glass slides and my grandmother Gwen would develop and make prints in the back of the Air stream travel trailer and sell the prints to the tourists.

above pic is of his roadside setup to take photos. complete with background and multiple shooting setups.

The above photo is a rare photo of my grampa Joe. You can see him with the 4x5 SpeedGraflex Camera on a tripod working taking photos of tourists. The kid is my dad Steve V. Cathcart with my gramma Gwen. They are taking photos of tourists somewhere. He had black slicked back hair (pompas) and leather jacket.

The other images are of what he did for clients. Making postcards along the way and would sell them. Joe was a rebel. He ran away from home in Kansas and went to Malibu Beach, California and would break wild horses in the ocean because he knew horses very well. It looks like he also sold saddles and riding equipment.

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