Below are more photos of Shutter Mafia (me). I was born in McCook, Nebraska. My dad (Steve V. Cathcart) was a fireman and police officer and my mom a nurse. I have a twin sister and brother David. Grew up in my dads studio. Moved to Colorado 20 years ago. I am 3rd generation photographer. Left handed. I love taking photos and collecting video. When we first moved to Colorado I graduated from Aims Community College Peace Officer Academy. The best in the State, wanting to follow in my dads footsteps. My twin sister followed my moms. After I graduated I took my dad up on learning how to photograph weddings. Totally opposite of being a police officer as my dad would say. That was 20 years ago. I am also an Extra Class Ham Radio operator with Morse Code and V.E. Tester. Longtime 9 News Denver contributor & freelance news stringer (see the movie Nightcrawler).

When I am not shooting for clients I can be found on the ham radios, chasing tornadoes (and volunteering for Skywarn NWS), news stringing, hanging out in junkyards, abandoned places, flying my drone, taking timelapse movies, doing any kind of photo experiment I can think of.