The Next Step: Filing a Ticket

In short: The next step is to "file a ticket" with the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, to get him to declare a shelter-in-place to save both our economy and our lives.

  1. Call 404-656-1776 (be polite to the staffer! or leave a voicemail)

  2. Fill the form https://gov.georgia.gov/contact-us/constituent-services Note that messages are public record

Key Points

  1. We're on same path as Italy

  2. In Italy, too many people died (since hospitals were overwhelmed)

  3. We should shut down so fewer people die

Instructions for using resist.bot (if easier than calling)

As explained on the website:

See their FAQ if you have questions.

(I'll put in screenshots later this afternoon)

Spreadsheet - so it doesn't feel like we're shouting alone into the void

Below is a preview of the spreadsheet for coordinating. See button on right to edit.

Finally, If you would like to help brainstorm (about for instance contacting the likeminded organizations) or help with logistics please email me at sineform2020spam@gmail.com (without the spam)

What is this about? It's about our petition to get Georgia Governor Kemp to issue a state-wide "shutdown" (similar to CA and NY) in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Please sign and continue to share. Thanks!

Original change.org petition (changed on March 31st): link