Allen Shuffleboard

Poly Courts


Easy to Assemble

The design of the interlocking tiles makes it easy to assemble your court in less than 45 minutes. No tools required!

Patented Surface

Our patented surface reduces friction and allows the discs to slide easily so players of all ages and skill can enjoy this game.

Choose From a Selection of Sizes and Colors or Design Your Own

While most of our customers prefer the regulation sized Deluxe Poly Court (52' by 6') we can custom make any size court to suit your needs. We have made courts that are 28' by 4', as well as courts that are 60' by 10'.

Cover Existing Shuffleboard Courts

For a fraction of the cost of repairing or replacing your current concrete courts you can place our Shuffleboard Poly Courts directly on top of them to make them look great and play like new!

Poly Court Photo Gallery