what people say

what the singers say

"Since I joined the choir late last year, I feel as though I've really entered into a delightful new creative phase in my life. Singing with other people gives rise to moments of beauty that are almost transcendent. No longer do I feel like a small and separate individual. Instead there is that wonderful feeling of togetherness transcending separation.

Not only that, but the other members of the choir have been unfailingly friendly and helpful. And Martin, our director, has exactly the right combination of lightness of touch and ambition, calculated to bring out the best in all of us, whatever our ability."

Jonathan B., Shrewsbury

"When I moved to Shrewsbury five years ago, I decided to join a choir

in order to feel part of the wider community and to be able to do what I love doing most - singing! Having just recently retired, I soon developed a network of good, supportive friends of a variety of ages from outside of the workplace

In addition to this social aspect, I find singing in a large group feeds me spiritually and gives me a creative outlet. The feeling you get when the whole choir is working towards a common goal is tremendously uplifting and gives you a great mental and physical workout."

Kate S., Shrewsbury

“Very welcoming to novices, no auditions, great experience.”

Colin J.

what the audiences say

A selection of audience responses to "Heaven Bound"

"Beautiful sound. Relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed listening." E.L.

"Beautiful candlelight carols. wonderful Christmas experience. A perfect performance." P.D.

"Beautiful! Spiritual! Thank you!" Anon.

"Full of gusto!" G.O.

"Lovely - very uplifting" S.D.

"Wonderful concert. Brilliant singing." Eileen

"Lovely singing - well done the choir!" Anon.

"Such heavenly voices!" J.J.

"Very lovely - splendid programme, very varied and top quality. THANK YOU ALL!" Anon.